2023 Roadmap Unleashed!

4 min readJan 16, 2023

With a very productive 2022 behind us, it’s time now to look forward into our Roadmap for 2023! We are excited to share our plans for the upcoming year, including lots of exciting game and ecosystem features. Our goal is to continue to improve the gaming experience for our DinoX Fam community and provide them with a unique and engaging world filled with strategy, entertainment, and value. So strap on your safari hat and get ready for an adventure as we take you through our 2023 Roadmap.

First Quarter 2023

Social Island

We’ve heard the community ask about it, and we’re happy to say it’s coming in Q1 this year! The Social Island is where Land owners can showcase their awesome plots of Land to friends and other players alike. From the start, Land owners can build factories for Liberation Crystal & Dino Snack production, as well as mines for other special resources.

Anyone can view plots of Land throughout the entire interactive Social Island world map. Zoom in to see what your neighbors are up to or find your friends’ Lands to see which buildings they’ve already constructed. We have big plans for the Social Island and more features will be implemented throughout the year so be on the lookout for more updates & leaks!

Adventure Mode

The highly anticipated free-roam gameplay mode is rapidly approaching release! In Adventure Mode, players roam the Wildlands of DINOX World, completing quests, collecting items & rewards, battling or avoiding hidden dangers, and discovering new territories.

Use your strongest dino team to defeat arcane enemies that lurk in the shadows or duel with NPC dino trainers for large rewards through various quests and challenges. Special items can be obtained through the use of excavation tools as you uncover the mysteries beneath the sands of this unexplored world.

WIP sketch of a new hostile creature in DINOX World

Lots of Adventure Mode features will be implemented over the course of 2023 and we can’t wait to show you what’s in the works!

Animated Dinos

Oh yes, the dinosaurs are getting major animations this year! We know this is one of the things players have been looking forward to the most, and to be honest, we’re very excited about it too! The in-battle attack animations are getting a huge upgrade. We want the player to “feel” their dino’s devastating attacks!

Outside of battles, you’ll find dinos walking and moving around in areas of the Wildlands & even in your Lands on the Social Island. Many improvements on dino animations are coming soon!

Second Quarter 2023

Mobile Release

We’ve been putting lots of effort into adapting DINOX World for mobile users and we’re proud to say that a mobile release is projected for the second quarter of 2023! We aim to have all the features of the desktop version, allowing players to seamlessly transition to their favorite handheld devices.

DINOX World mobile release mini demo

Market & Itemswap

Our marketplace will get a massive upgrade in the second quarter of 2023, introducing P2P tradeability and a bunch more items to sell on the open market. Additionally, we’re launching an Itemswap feature allowing players to swap various items in real-time.

Third Quarter 2023

Season Pass

Seasonal events are in the forecast for Q3. Players will earn special rewards for completing objectives and challenges in each season they participate in. Finishing all the objectives in the limited-time season will be a true testament to your DINOX World skills!

Gen 1+

In the second half of the year, we plan to unleash more unique and visually impressive NFT dinos. Staying true to our mission to one day have every known dinosaur species roaming the lands of DINOX World!

$DNXC Tournaments

Another highly anticipated feature will be released this year. We’re talking about Tournaments! Put together your best dino team and battle it out against real player opponents for the chance at winning $DNXC & other rewards.

Fourth Quarter 2023

Special Quests & Events

As we implement many new features into the Adventure Mode, Special Quests & Events will gradually get introduced as well. Earn unique rewards for completing these and show off to your friends just how far you’ve come!

This is just a taste of what is coming next for DINOX World, and as you can probably tell, we’re very excited to dive into 2023 and start releasing all of these awesome features and more! Just for full disclosure, some of these dates are subject to change but these are our initial targets for this year. Looking forward to seeing you all roaming around with your dinos & Avatars very soon!

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