AMA Session Recap between DinoX and Krystal

DINOX is a digital world where your NFT dinosaurs come to life! DINOX World is much more than just another game, it’s an entire world of possibilities enabled by blockchain and NFTs.


On the 21st of September, 2021, DINOX was hosted by Krystal, few questions were posed and the conversation was thus:

Note: Answer = Filip Tomaska Respond

Question 1: First let’s get to know each other a bit could you introduce yourself @FilipMetrix?. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto? What is your role at DinoX?

Answer: My name is Filip Tomaska. I am the CEO and co-founder of DinoX. Leading a project of my own has been my long-term dream; I started in the startup world back when I was 17. It’s even more incredible because I get to do what I really like — dinosaurs have been my passion since childhood, creating games is fascinating, and I am a crypto enthusiast and early-stage investor too. I’ve been in the crypto industry for over 5 years now. It all started in 2013 when I began following the development of Bitcoin, then joined my first crypto company at the end of 2017. I was responsible for strategic partnerships and listing on exchanges. So far I have co-founded 4 companies/ventures, my last two are Metrix Capital — Dubai-based VC focused on early-stage start-ups in DeFi, NFT, and Gaming space. The second is DinoX!

Question 2: Could you share with us what is the project about in a few simple sentences? What is the project main goals? How many people are on the team?

Answer: DinoX is an interactive game that capitalizes on NFT and blockchain technology to enhance the experience of breeding and battling with your very own dinosaur that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Through this game, we hope to bring nostalgic admiration for dinosaurs to everyone, regardless of age, and simultaneously give players the ability to monetize their time as they enjoy the game.

Currently, there are about 20 people on the team in total.

Question 3: May i ask where is your office based in?

Answer: Sure, headquarters is located in Bratislava, Slovakia where the core team is located. Additionally, we have several other team members from US, Singapore and other countries around the world.

Question 4: For the game do you work with another game studio or you have an in-house team?

Answer: We have an in-house team which consists of Tomas, our CTO who has 15 years of experience in game development, Mario Kapusta , senior back end developer who recently joined our team and moved from Ubisoft where he has been working for 2,5 years on various multiplayer titles and two graphic designers.We are always expanding the internal team and looking for additional developers.

Besides having the internal team we are working with a smaller gaming studio called Tater Games which consists of 12 team members in various positions who are supporting our internal team.

Question 5: We want to learn more about DinoX features in the game, what is the difference between DinoX and other NFT games?

Answer: First of all, our game will be free to play so anyone can download it on their mobile phone or tablet / PC and start playing it.

When designing the interface and UX we care most about the user experience and we want DinoX World to be the most user friendly P2E game out there.

Last thing, and most important one, WE HAVE DINOSAURS 🦖🚀😁

Question 6: could you share with us more about the gameplay? we will raise the dinos and use the to fight other?

Answer: Essentially yes, the aim of the game is to raise the army of the dinosaurs, expand your complex, gather resources and strategize on fights with other creatures or players living in the DinoX World. You can also play the story and complete solo missions. Everything depends on your preferences and favorite gameplay style.

Question 7: 1 small question, your game is free to play but is it require a small investment in order to play the game? like do I need to have some NFTs to start playing?

Answer: To kick start the P2E model, you need at least 1 Dino, but you can play for free and earn minimal rewards, it’s more about luck and time you put into the game when you don’t have any NFTs yet. So yes, you can play for free and still earn something.

Question 8: Now let talk about DinoX token? could you share more about it’s utitilies and tokenomic?

Answer: DinoX is uniquely categorize into 3 types of tokens, DNX — Dino NFT that lives on the Ethererum Blockchain, DNXC — DinoX currency as a medium to facilitate trading that is available on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, & Polygon. Lastly DNXI — tokens that represent all in-game utility assets are solely on Polygon.

DNX Dino and Dino egg NFTs are ERC-721 tokens and are collectible/tradeable as well as they’ll be interactable/playable in our game, DINOX World. People are already buying and selling them on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

DNXC is currently listed on several exchanges including Gate, Pancakeswap, Quickswap, Uniswap, LBank, and others. We have staking options on our DinoX Portal which allow users to stake their DNXC to earn various rewards such as Gen 0 eggs, Lottery Tokens, and very soon Gen 1 eggs as well.

DNXI includes the lottery tickets themselves, earned by staking, and in-game items such as action cards. We run a weekly lottery where participants can win awesome prizes like Gen 0 and Gen 1 eggs, booster packs which have various action cards and other cool stuff inside, and occasionally some very special prizes like we had one recently with a Legendary Gen 0 Egg!

Question 9: Are there any upcoming and exciting news from DinoX that we, as users, should pay attention to?

Answer: Upcoming 2–3 weeks we will be releasing a lot of important news and updates.

🦖👀 DinoX Upcoming Events

🐣first Hatching Event (Sept. 22)

🎮Alpha Staking Finished (Sept. 25)

🦖Gen 1 Staking Opens (Sept. 25)

📽️Alpha Footage (next week)

🚀DINOX World Alpha Launch (TBA soon) — will be announced this week!

Question 10: Can we join the event tomorrow? do we need to be whitelisted or something?

Answer: Yes, if you have a dinosaur egg 😆


Question 1: Reading about Dinox World, they mention that it is inspired by games like Pokemon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Age of Empires, Magic the Gathering and others, therefore you can give details of the best attributes that DinoX World has of this interesting mix of genres of popular games?

Answer: You get the battle system from pokemon mixed with magic the gathering. You have your roster of dinosaurs to choose from when battling, each one of them having specific atributes and skills like in pokemon. Similar to magic the gathering, you can control spawn / special abilities via magic the gathering and there for we have a collectible feature as in the magic. You collect both dinosaurs and action-cards to control their special abiltiies. In comparison to roller coaster tycoon or age of empires, we have metagame where you build and upgrade your complex / island for better stats, rewards and you have an option to conquer the island by expanding.

Question 2: Staking is the new trend. What staking options are available for $Dinox Token? Are there any incentives for staking? What are the varioius ways to earn token and are there any limits to amount of $DinoX I can earn?

Answer: There are many options for staking DNXC for which you can earn DNX, DNXI and liquidity pools in which you can earn DNXC in Uniswap or Quickswap.

Furthermore we also want to introduce staking for DNX for which you will be able to receive various interesting rewards (TBA soon)

Question 3: What are the project’s key characteristics and how did this idea get developed? what is the company’s core competitive advantages? What distinguishes it from the competition?

Answer: The idea / project began in late 2020 where we were researching Axie Infinity project with Tomas and we saw bunch of areas which we could improve. We were thinking about launching our own P2E game and we both love dinosaurs, Tomas came with the idea of making the game in pixel art style which really elevated the project to the next level. Pixel art totally fits with the beloved theme of dinosaurs.

Question 4: Let’s go deeper into the NFT side of DinoX. Can you explain the NFT concept you created? Can you tell us what is the DinoX NFT Protocol solution for today’s NFT ecosystem? or the DinoX NFT Protocol Utility that we can see in the near future?

Answer: We don’t have a new “protocol” technically speaking, we are just utilizing best industry standards to deliver smooth experience to the player. It’s a mixture of multiple chains, contracts on blockchains and centralized backend to connect every little piece of ecosystem together into a working network. We have all standards of tokens, erc20, erc721 and erc1155 and every one of these have their best use-case and utility based on what it is.

About DinoX

DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dinosaur kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

“If there’s something that will stay alive for millions of years, it will be Dinosaurs”.

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