Battle Improvements & Advanced Mechanics

4 min readMay 28, 2023

Some major improvements are coming to DinoX very soon that’ll change the way you play the game! Three of the biggest advances in the works are a New Dynamic Action Card system with new cards, a New Energy System using Battle Points, and a New Progression system for Starter Dinos. Let’s explore!

Dynamic Action Cards

Unlike the previous Action Cards, which have specific activations like spawning, despawning, on death, passive, etc., these new cards are dynamic and can be played throughout the battle. Thus adding depth to the combat system and giving players new ways to strategize their turns within a battle.

Players equip the dynamic cards in the dino’s available card slots. Meaning, when crafting their dino teams, players have to choose whether to put Dynamic Cards or Action Cards in their dino’s open card slots.

After equipping a dino with Dynamic Cards, the cards will appear in the players’ card hand once that dino is spawned on the battlefield. These cards can be used once per round, every round during the player’s turn in the battle. If a player has 2 of the same Dynamic Card, the same rule applies and they can use each card once per round. When that dino dies or is removed from the battlefield, the cards it has go with it & are removed from the player’s card hand.

Players can get their hands on these Dynamic Cards as a reward or by purchasing them in the shop once they become available.

Battle Points

A brand new system to the DinoX battle mechanics is on the way. It’s called Battle Points, and if you’ve played some other turn-based card games you’ll probably recognize the system right away. Essentially, spawning a dino on the battlefield or using dynamic cards will all use Battle Points (BP) once the system is in place.

Each player starts with 3 Battle Points at the beginning of a battle. Actions with the dinos themselves cost 1 Battle Point each. For example, spawning a dino costs 1 BP, and in most scenarios, the player will want to use the first 3 BP to get 3 dinos on the battlefield. Then, in each consecutive round, the player will gain an additional BP. So in round two, a player will have 4 BPs at the start of their turn, and in the next round, they will have 5 BP, and so on. BP maxes out at 10, and each round after round 10 the player will continue to get only 10 BP.

Using Dynamic Cards also costs BP. The amount of BP needed to use a card is displayed on the card itself. Some more powerful cards may cost more BP than others, adding an additional layer of strategy to the battles themselves. A player’s turn ends once they have used all their available BP, or when they choose to end their turn by clicking the “end turn” button.

The integration of Battle Points requires forward thinking by the player to best optimize the actions taken during their turn, so they can defeat their enemies on the battlefield and progress through the game.

New Starter Dino Progression

New utility for starter dinos (non-NFT, free-to-play dinos) is on the way! The addition of Ancient Spice has helped make them stronger, and now we are adding more depth to their utility by giving players the ability to add cards (Dynamic Cards or Action Cards) & increase their card slots.

Each player has several starter dinos they can choose from to create their dino arsenal right from the beginning of the game. Those starter dinos will have one card slot available. By leveling up the starter dino, it can gain one additional card slot. Thus, the main starter dinos can get to 2 card slots once they’re leveled up to a certain level.

As an occasional reward for defeating enemies, a player might receive additional or even special starter dinos. The special ones can start with 2 card slots, with the ability to get a 3rd slot when leveled up. Special starter dinos will also be available for purchase in our shop once we have enabled this new progression system.

There you have it! DinoX will be making several battle improvements and incorporating new advanced mechanics to provide additional strategic layers & more entertainment for players. Also, you can download & play DinoX on your mobile as well as our web version!

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