Benefits of Owning DinoX Lands

4 min readDec 16, 2021


DinoX Lands are taking the Dinoverse to new levels! Most of us understand the collectible and tradeable aspect which comes with ownership of land in a virtual gaming world, but what are the specific benefits of owning DinoX Lands? Well, that’s what we’re here to explain!

Increase Resource Production

Owning Lands in DINOX World increases your Resource production. Resources are a crucial part of the game and are used for a variety of things. The three main Resources are:

Liberation Crystals — primarily used for upgrading buildings, breeding, and leveling up your dinos.

Dino Snacks — primarily used for regenerating a player’s energy to continue battling, building, and playing DINOX World.

Building Bots — primarily used for constructing buildings in your dino kingdom.

DINOX World Resources: Building Bots, Liberation Crystals, & Dino Snacks

Increasing the production of these Resources by owning Lands ensures that you are able to progress through the game much easier and faster than players without Lands. Utilizing your Resources to level up your dinosaurs quickly turns you into a force to be reckoned with, while maintaining energy allows you to continuously battle opponents, progress through the game, and win P2E rewards!

Constructing and upgrading your buildings not only allows you to increase reward production even more, but also players will need particular buildings to unlock various aspects of DINOX World that are otherwise unobtainable. Having additional building bots Resources from owning extra Lands will get you to these achievements faster and increase your P2E rewards in the process.

Players that own multiple lands can increase their Resource quantities to a level of surplus, enabling them to sell their excess to other players and earn $DNXC (the currency used in our marketplace). Also, a player will be able to trade Resources for ones they need or gift them to other players creating a friendly environment in an otherwise hectic battlefield!


DINOX World is an expansive ecosystem with a diverse landscape. Some areas of the map are richer in a specific Resource than other areas, allowing for owners of Lands in these locations to have a higher chance to obtain more of this Resource. As we outlined above, there are a ton of benefits to getting additional Resources.

There are regions of the map where specific species of dinosaurs roam freely, increasing a player’s chance to encounter them in battles. When battles happen on Land that a player owns, both the player and the Landowner can get rewards! Holding multiple Lands allows a player to cover a large portion of DINOX World and unlock the benefits of this diversification.

Become part of the Dinoverse

Owning Land allows players to become part of the Dinoverse (DinoX Metaverse) by unleashing the social aspect of the game to its full potential. Socialize with your friends, invite them to your Lands, meet your neighbors, it’s all possible in DINOX World. Landowners also have the ability to show off their avatars and dino collections to other players. Go ahead, make all of your friends jealous of your Mythic T-Rex when they come to check out your Dino Kingdom.

Joining or creating Guilds is one of the more highly anticipated aspects of the Dinoverse and we’re extremely excited about this. One advantageous feature of Guilds is that they allow players to organize their own battle tournaments on their Lands. Whether for friendly combat, a winner-take-all battle for huge rewards, or anything in between, these tournaments are bound to be an entertaining part of DINOX World.

Owning Lands gives players a chance to expand the Dinoverse. Players can put their full NFT collections, even from other projects, on display for anyone to see. You can travel to other players’ Dino Kingdoms as well and see which collectibles they are showing off.

Currently, Gamestarter is hosting the first DinoX Land Sale which is LIVE now and goes until December 18th at 2 PM UTC. We’ve got a bunch of DinoX Land sales coming up as well as our own DinoX Lands Staking Pool and HODL-to-Buy options (read about those in this article) to obtain lands as well.

To conclude, owning DinoX Lands allows you to increase your Resources or even sell them on the open market, earn additional rewards as you progress through the game faster and easier, and unleash the full benefits of the Dinoverse!

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