Chips, Checkpoints, & Blacksmiths Oh My!

3 min readDec 13, 2022

A new update, DINOX World Beta v1.2.5, is just around the corner and it will lay the groundwork for the future of the game. In this update, we are introducing a new in-game currency called “Chips” which will have many uses, some of which we will touch on in this article but we’ll only be scratching the surface of its use cases. Additionally, this update brings the highly anticipated Blacksmith Building to life, as well as upgrades to the Checkpoints system and other improvements. Let’s dive in!


We are introducing a new DINOX World in-game currency called “Chips”. It will be a highly valuable in-game currency and will allow players to purchase many new things in the game as well as use them to speed up certain processes and other important functions.

Players can buy Chips with DNXC or with fiat currency as well. Purchasing Chip bundles with DNXC will give you more bang for your buck! Chips are vital to the DINOX World experience as they give players the ability to perform a plethora of actions including

  • Upgrade certain buildings
  • Construct certain new buildings
  • Purchase checkpoints (explained below)
  • Enable breeding
  • Reduce breeding time
  • Many Adventure Mode functions
  • And a whole lot more which will be explained in detail later on when we get closer to releasing more of these features.

Extra Checkpoints

With the introduction of Chips, one immediate function is the ability to use them to purchase additional checkpoints! Remember, there are automatic checkpoints given every 5th battle won in the new battlegrounds. However, those checkpoints can only be used once so when players get to the tougher levels they may want extra protection!

That’s where these purchasable checkpoints come in handy! These “premium checkpoints” as we call them are usable only once but can be put at any battle that they have already beaten. Players will only be able to set one checkpoint per battle, meaning it’s not possible to double or triple up on a particular battle. That being said, it’s possible to put additional checkpoints at earlier battles to act as a strong safety net so players never lose their progress below that point!

We mentioned in the last article that players can actually fall all the way out of the new battlegrounds if they use up all their free checkpoints, so having an additional barrier to prevent that is a huge benefit!

Blacksmith Building

The highly anticipated Blacksmith Building is here! This update brings the first phase of blacksmith functionality — forging keys! Using the key shards that players have accumulated through defeating opponents in Ancient Enemies & the new battlegrounds, a player can forge 5 shards to make 1 key of the player’s choice.

Remember, keys are used to unlock the new battlegrounds. Players need 20 keys of a single type in order to unlock the correlating battleground.

The Blacksmith Building will have 3 stages in its evolution, each with more capacity to forge various items. In addition to forging key shards into keys, players will be able to create such things as temporary Avatar cards, DNA converters (used for breeding), Power Crystals, Power Bots, and a whole lot more! Never heard of those items? That’s because they’re new! Don’t worry though, each of these new items will be explained in more detail in later articles.

A lot more is coming your way! As we close out 2022, we’re setting the foundation for a bigger and better DINOX World in the new year to come. Get ready, big things await!

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