Dawn of a New Era

4 min readOct 17, 2022


DINOX World is entering the dawn of a new era where we will introduce many new features and gameplay adjustments over the next few updates. This article explains the major changes coming in the first patch update and some tidbits about what to expect from the following updates as well. Get ready, Q4 is gonna be packed with new releases!

Faster Animations

This one comes straight from our loyal community themselves! They asked for it, and we delivered! Players will have the option to increase the speed of dino attack & defense animations, making gameplay a whole heck of a lot quicker so they can continue battling new enemies and progress through the game more rapidly.

New names for Encounters

With this new patch, we wanted to change the name of our original Encounters mode and come up with a cool name for our new gameplay mode. We looked to our Social Media channels for suggestions from our community and got inspiration from all who threw their ideas into the mix. Thanks to everyone who participated! The new names are:

Encounters => First Encounters
New Mode => Ancient Enemies

New Battles & Unlockable Areas

New gameplay mode: Ancient Enemies

We’re very excited to bring a new gameplay mode, called Ancient Enemies, into DINOX World. Unlocking the Ancient Enemies gameplay mode is accomplished by beating Level 50 in the First Encounters mode (previously known as just “Encounters”). While it is similar to First Encounters, we’ve added a bunch of new adversaries to battle against and many additional features which we describe below.

New Bosses

Bosses are here! Ancient Enemies rolls out the first phase of bosses, which are more challenging than your average foes and give players extra rewards when defeated. Fight against many dinos of the same species in these boss battles where you’ll need to optimize your strategies in order to move forward.

The following patches will have the next boss phases, containing the bosses we showcased previously and a whole lot more! Also, the rewards for defeating these super-powered enemies will evolve and you’ll be able to earn some extra special loot!

The First Phase of Bosses


Those of our DinoX fam that follow our social media know that we mentioned “keys” as one of the new features coming up. These keys unlock new maps in Ancient Enemies and are part of the new rewards for defeating your opponents in that gameplay mode. Once a player obtains a key, they’ll be able to use the new Blacksmith building to craft more keys. Since more than one key is needed to unlock the new maps, these buildings will be critical.

This patch introduces Keys into the game, as well as the new maps & various new enemies inhabiting them, however, the full functionality of them, including the manufacturing buildings, will be unleashed in future updates.

Class Advantage

Ancient Enemies battles will utilize dino class specialization where one has a slight advantage over another. As a refresher: Carnivores have an advantage over Herbivores, Herbivores have an advantage over Flying dinos, and Flying dinos have an advantage over Carnivores. Optimize your team composition to ensure you’ve got an edge over your opponents.

New Music

Our loyal players will notice some epic new background music in the dino team selection screens. Our friends at Grand Beats Productions continue to create exceptional music and sound effects for DINOX World and we can’t wait to release more!

We want to say thank you DinoX Fam for your continued support. We are eager to hear your feedback about this new game update and we always listen to your requests & suggestions. Bigger and better things are coming in future patches, including the highly anticipated Adventure Mode which is moving along nicely!

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