DinoX AMA with DAO Maker

Tote : Please give us a brief description of the project. We want to know more about DinoX.

Filip : Sure, so very briefly DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dinosaur kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

Tom : It’s a project where the most important part is the game we all in our dev team always wanted to create + it has all the benefits of blockchain technology you can think of

Tote : Thanks for the intro!

Please tell us about your role in DinoX, your background and the rest of the team.

Filip : Let me introduce myself: I’m Filip Tomaska — CEO and co-founder of DinoX. I’m a strategy analyst, business developer, project-economics architect and serial entrepreneur with several years of experience in the crypto space. Started in the startup world back when he was 17 and co-founded his first startup during high school. I have been active as an entrepreneur for the past 7 years, engaging in several business endeavors. My primary industries of interest include energy and utilities, finance, blockchain, media and gaming. I have led and actively participated in fundraising mandates, exchange listings and project definition processes. I’m also a partner at Metrix Capital — a crypto VC based in Dubai focused on investments into early-stage blockchain companies in DeFi, Gaming and NFT space. https://www.linkedin.com/in/filip-tomaska-429ab9130/

Tom : I’m Tomas Husar, I am the CTO of the project. I enjoy solving problems and I’m trying to think outside the box with all the challenges! I’m providing leadership in technology strategy and overseeing technical product development. My background is full of game development as I started to learn how to code and develop games at the 14 years of age. I previously worked for a couple of game studios and helped to develop several successful games. Since 2017 I have been experimenting with blockchain and smart contracts and learning how to utilize the technology for developing blockchain games.

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom%C3%A1%C5%A1-hus%C3%A1r-34a55719b/

Filip : Other team members include:

Sebastiaan van Asperen — Artist, Art Director and Jack of Traits creative. He’s had the pleasure of working in game development for over 15 years on a diverse range of projects. Someone with a deep love for pixel-art going back to his childhood; DinoX is his dream project come true. Although specializing in Mobile and Indie game development, the NFT Gaming space is where his next horizons lie. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastiaanvanasperen/

Mário Kapusta — Tech Advisor. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariokapusta/

Ondrej Turza — Game design advisor. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ondrej-turza/

Gabriel Brockman — Game development advisory. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tater-gabriel/

Marian Kuruc — Game development advisory. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marian-kuruc-97362b74/

Tote : Experienced entrepreneurs and game developers, the perfect team to make this project successful. Why did you choose to build DinoX on the Ethereum and Polygon networks?

Tom : The strongest reason is that we understand the majority of the user base of dapps are centered around Ethereum and that the highest number of dapps are there too. This could give us a good starting point for the first version of the game. With that comes the downside and that’s, as we all know, higher fees on the Ethereum blockchain. So we decided to find the best L2 solution on top of Ethereum for one of our 3 assets, which is going to be the most used, transferred and sold asset (DNXI) and we decided to use Polygon for that.

Tote : Smart decision and combo!

Tote : Who are your primary users and which strategies will you use to attract new players?

Filip : Our strategy is to attract non-blockchain users on top of blockchain users. We designed many different features in the game design realm and found UI/UX solutions that will help with onboarding players not familiar with crypto too. We have decided that the entry point to the game should be as easy as possible, so for example there will be no need to buy anything for you to start playing DinoX World. And as we learnt from other projects, our main attraction feature for onboarding new users is the model “play to earn” which will be strongly visible within the game.

Tote : The play to earn model is proven to be very successful. Please elaborate more on the game and its mechanics.

Tom : We wanted to fit all the different player needs and the full DinoX ecosystem will provide as much as we can so everybody can enjoy it. The game itself will be focused around Dinosaurs, collecting, hatching their eggs and battling with them. Each Dino has its own genetically baked in skills and some smaller space for the player to upgrade or customize the skills so the player’s dinos can be better and stronger. The battle itself is a turned based card fighting game.. maybe an example would help imagining it better, so imagine something between classic Pokémon and Axie Infinity. As the player you are gaining rewards for these fights which will help you get your Dino team stronger and a possibility to grow and upgrade your complex which will have impact on the game, chances for rewards and few other things. Another aspect of the game is the “taking care” or Dino, which is going to be a mini game so your Dino team can get back on track with battles as soon as possible. And last but not least, there will be idle battles and quests, where you will be able to send your dinos for longer hunts while for example you sleep or work. ( and as time will go, we will be adding more and more features to the game of course )

Filip : In the future we are aiming to extend on the idea of sandbox mechanics within the game and the ecosystem of DinoX. One of the edge cases is the developer sandbox, where we provide the API to use player assets and dinosaur NFTs so they can create their own games for the community. Then the most important is the sandbox in DinoX World, where we want to give players as much freedom to do whatever they want to desire. It’s not an easy task to target all the player needs, but we already have a few ideas planned that will be implemented with the game sooner or later one by one. We don’t want to push players towards any specific goal, quest or way of playing, rather we want the community of players to choose what fits their style of playing the most.

Tote : The users will be able to create a whole universe around DinoX using the API, that’s very appealing! Could you explain how the dino breeding system works?

Tom : Our system of breeding works on what we call “breeding tables“ which is a combinatory table explaining which Dino with which Dino is able to be bred at the present time. This table is decided by governors and stakers and it will probably bring into life many new and fantasy generas of dinos that were never seen before. Each Dino will be able to be bred only once so it’s on the player’s action to choose whether to keep its breedable value or whether to get a new one by breeding. But.. very importantly, there will be a special lab that the player will be able to build in the complex where the breeding could happen without marking dinos as already not breedable on blockchain = and that’s one of the features and mechanics that will be in the “complex” or “island” part of the game.

Tote : Thanks for the explanation!

Tote : Will dinos have different rarities? (legendary, rare, common, etc.) Will eggs have different rarities too?

Tom : Eggs are kind of a “mystery box” where the only information you get before hatching the Dino is visual: the color palette and features like stripes or dots. Dinos itself after hatching will have rarities and it will reflect their power plus they will be visually more appealing. There will be multiple rarities you can collect starting from the basic ones up to legendary dinosaurs.

Tote : Will the users have to pay-to-play or will it be a free-to-play game?

Tom : The game will be in a free to play model for onboarding new users, through this mode users will educate themselves about the game and also the play to earn aspects of the game where initial investment is required to start earning rewards during gameplay. So it’s a free to play model + play to earn model of the game.

Tote : Got it! What are the utilities of $DNXC and its benefits for the holders? Do you think it can accrue value?

Tom : DNXC works as a currency for our ecosystem so the majority of the features will require using them. It will be used for hatching, breeding, accessing the arena, for the marketplace etc. Another different aspect and utility of these tokens is in form of governing where we want to give a lot of options for stakers and community members to choose which direction is the game going to move forward and at the beginning, right after the launch, it will be used as a staking token in exchange for DNX eggs. That will be the first way of getting some Dino for your collection 🦕🦕

Tote : Looks like $DNXC will play a crucial role in the ecosystem, good to know that! Blockchain games are very popular lately, what makes DinoX stand out?

Tom : The idea is that we are coming from the gamedev industry and most of our team has a senior and expert level of experience in developing games. So instead of trying to find a game on top of blockchain without having any knowledge on how to create well designed games, we decided to make a fun to play game first which utilizes blockchain to maximum extent. It may sound similar or the same, but actually it’s the opposite way of designing it as to what we have seen in our gaming projects on blockchain.

Tote : Can you explain to us the milestones achieved so far and the future roadmap?

Filip: Our roadmap has been carefully prepared so we can manage to deliver what’s expected and what we promise. The first checkpoint on the roadmap is our launch phase which is happening right now and getting closer to an end as we speak.

We have prepared dinosaurs (DNX eggs) from generation 0 which are waiting to be distributed via the staking on our platform which will be launched with the TGE so tokens will have the utility from day 1.

We are now a few months fully in the development of the game itself and it’s progressing very agilely and actually most of our dev team is working on the game right now. We were able to discuss and close some technological and strategic partnerships in the last few weeks and months, and last but not least, we finished the initial token sale for our ecosystem.

Looking forward, we are aiming for the launch of the DinoX World Alpha around August/ September and then full public beta launch by the end of the year. Those are the biggest checkpoints in the nearest time. Besides that, we are already planning to prepare next generations of DNXs with some interesting traits and features, but we don’t want to spoil everything yet.

Tote : Looking forward to seeing the DinoX World Alpha release! Please, let us know your current business partners and institutional investors.

Filip :

Here is a list of our current partners, supporters and investors

Tote : Some big names in the space, congratulations. How do you see the NFT gaming industry in the future and DinoX’s role in it?

Tom : The vision behind DinoX is to help bring blockchain gaming and the play to earn model closer to the casual and softcore audience of gamers who are not familiar with it. As we are working on this project, we see the NFT gaming industry as the next big revolution for gaming, because it brings a lot more into designs of mechanics and economics of the game as well as gives power to the players while giving them the opportunity to have a true ownership of various parts of the game and in-game assets. And that has not been possible before. It kinda feels like the time when VR was announced, which was supposed to be the revolution, but this time it’s easier for users to jump into and try it out. I think most of the big players in the game industry will implement these features to some extent sooner or later and we can already see it happening slowly. When it comes to DinoX and our role in the future of NFT gaming, we are designing every little feature of the game mechanics, architecture and infrastructure so that in future all new startups / gamedev studios will look at DinoX as an example on how it’s supposed to be done.

Tote : Setting the features for future game development, interesting… Please share your token metrics with our community.

Filip :

Seed Round

Fundraised: $440,000

Price: $0.025

Lock-up: 20% on TGE, 3 months cliff, 4.44% monthly distribution for 18 months (18 transfers)

Private Round

Fundraise: $840,000

Platform raise (SEED SHO): $200,000

Price: $0.025

Lock-up: 20% on TGE, 3 months cliff, 4.44% monthly distribution for 18 month (18 transfers)

Starting market cap: $472,000

Valuation at TGE: $4,000,000

Tote : Very modest valuation. Projects with such metrics tend to perform well.

Tote : The last question as usual: What is your listing strategy? DEX+CEX? DEX?

Filip : Oh yeah, we are still finalizing the listing strategy, but for now what we know is we will list on Gate.io, combined with a listing on 2 decentralized exchanges which will be announced soon.

Tote : Right strategy! 👏👏👏 That’s it for today, fellas.

Tom : Thanks for all the questions 🙏

Tote : Thank you so much, @FilipMetrix, CEO & @tomas_iupiter, for all the answers and for taking part in the AMA. I wish you all success with DinoX.

Filip : Thank you very much for inviting us!

Tote : It’s been a great pleasure! Also, big thanks to our community for your continuous support. DinoX SEED SHO starts tomorrow. more info here: https://daomaker.com/company/dinox

Filip : ✅ Official Channels

🌐 Website: https://dinox.io/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinoxproject

🗣 Telegram group: @dinoxproject

📢 Telegram ANN: @dinoxannouncements

📜 Medium: https://dinoxproject.medium.com/



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