DinoX Development Update (Early March)

Welcome to another DinoX Development Update! Our team continues to work hard on DINOX World and we’re gaining recognition in the public eye. Our recent victory in Battle of the Dapps 2.0 is proof of that! In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on past, present, and future game developments, and a teaser or two of things to come!

Like the previous article, game developments are broken into two categories: Bug & Error Fixes and Game Design. Bug & Error Fixes will detail some of what our amazing community of Beta testers has discovered and how we are fixing them. Game Design will explore how we’re improving the gameplay, design, and overall “feel” of DINOX World.

Bug & Error Fixes

All throughout Beta testing, our community of active players are helping us find, identify, and fix any issues that arise! Here are a few recent ones that we’ve nearly irradicated.

  • Battle Validation Fixed: This issue prevented players from progressing through Encounters as they’d get “stuck” on the same Encounter no matter how many times they won. Now, players shouldn’t have that problem anymore!
  • Dino Freezes in Battle: Every once in a while, a dino would move to attack his enemy and wouldn’t recoil itself back to its starting position. Although we respect the dino’s no retreat attitude, this was a visual bug that we have fixed in the latest version of the game.
  • Rewards Distribution: Occasionally, NFT Resource rewards from defeating encounters would get stuck in the queue. We’ve implemented a fix for this so, for the most part, rewards are delivered without delay.
  • Refactoring & Optimization: Various improvements to make the game run smoother, be more responsive, and prepare the game for implementing additional features.

Game Design

A major focus for us over the past month, and moving forward, is to make the gameplay smoother and more visually stunning. Here are some points we’re focused on now:

  • Animations: Ah yes, something of a crowd favorite and highly anticipated feature! While the dino battle animations are making huge progress, they’re not quite ready yet. However, don’t be surprised to see some cool environmental, weather, and particle animations coming up soon!
  • A more clear display of the in-battle Dinosaur “Deck” Selection (where you can view how many dinos you have remaining in your team to use in battle) & Graveyard (which dinos have died in battle) so players can easily visualize which dinos they still have available for the fight and can better strategize when to place them into the battle.
  • Camera Shakes that will give our players a “frontline” feeling on the battlefield!
  • Dino Scale Improvements: The scale for large and small dinosaurs are being adjusted to give players a better overall visual experience during combat.
  • Coin Flip Mechanic: At the beginning of a battle, there will be a coin flip to see who places their first dino on the battlefield (the player or AI). Strategy takes precedent here as a player should more carefully choose which row to put their dino into the field of battle. This coin flip repeats for each dino placed on the field (3 times in the 3v3 Encounters). Strategically lining up your dinos vs your opponent can be the key to victory or defeat! We’re working out all the details of this new addition, but we love how it adds something more strategic to kick off the fight. Also, as we add more challenges in the later stages of the game, these strategies will help players overcome them!
  • New music and sound effects are in the works!
  • News page rework & visual redesign of the side menu: We’re internally discussing some changes to the menu categories as well.

Outside of the game, we are doing a lot of updates, enhancements, and activities as well. One of the main things we’re very proud of is winning News BSC’s Battle of the Dapps 2.0! We won a big marketing campaign as the prize and that’ll be starting in the coming weeks. Single Staking is also nearly complete and ready to launch, giving our loyal DNXC Hodlers a way to earn some extra coin!

In addition to those, we’ll give you a peek at some more cool things we’re working on:

  • Portal Rework and Layout Update (first step already deployed).
  • Additional Action Cards implemented.
  • Card & Booster Pack opening event & animation.
  • New NFT backgrounds: Visual enhancements to the NFT display depicting dino rarity & class which will be visible on OpenSea and on our Portal.
  • New backgrounds for unhatched eggs.
  • Dino egg hatching animation.
  • Preparation of the DINOX World Map.
  • Preparations for the final DinoX Land Sale.

Lastly, we want to give you guys a little teaser about something you’ll hear a lot about in the coming weeks… Avatars! That’s right, we’ll be introducing DinoX Avatars very very soon and they won’t just be cool to look at, they’ll have actual utility in DINOX World! So stay tuned for that!

More development updates are ahead. We’ll see you in the next one!

Follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Telegram & Discord to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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