DinoX Development Update (Mid May)

5 min readMay 12, 2022

Welcome to another installment of the DinoX development update series! Today, we’ll break it down into 3 categories — Game Development, Art & Design, and DinoX Ecosystem — and highlight some of the things we’ve recently accomplished, what we’re working on now, and hint at a few things coming in the near future!

Game Development

On the game development side of things, we’ve been working hard on squashing bugs and improving the game from a player perspective. Some of those bugs have been quite nasty at times but we have got them mostly under control. As far as improvements in the game, recently we’ve worked on the following:

  • New Battle UI — Recently we implemented a new battle UI to better inform players about what is happening on the battlefield. This gives clarity to the player so they can focus more on their strategy in order to defeat their opponents.
  • Battle Mechanics — We’ve been working on a few changes to the battle mechanics themselves, such as getting rid of the simultaneous attack (where players and enemies attack at the same time) and making the gameplay more tactical and turn-based. Also, we added 1000 more Encounters for those elite players who already defeated the first 1000 enemies!
  • Effects — We are constantly working on improving the overall look and feel of the dino battles. We’ve added a few particle and shader effects to various card actions and will be implementing more as we move forward.

Up next, we are working on:

  • New battle mechanics — such as a few more changes to the turn-based system
  • Avatar abilities
  • Additional changes to the Action Card system
  • Dev tools to assist our game designers and testers

Art & Design

We love what our graphic design team is doing within DINOX World and from the community feedback on some of our art leaks, you guys do too! Here’s a little insight into what they’re currently working on:

  • Avatars — Designing the upcoming player profile screen for choosing your avatar with a list of its abilities. Avatars will have passive, active, and temporary abilities depending on their rarity. We already prepared a lot of unique avatars connected to pop culture, well-known characters from games and movies, also with a wide variety of clothing to match a player’s taste. Stay tuned for more on this and an upcoming announcement for the Avatar Capsule Opening Event!
  • Preparations for Encounters 2.0 — We are preparing new enemy types for DINOX World in accordance with the game story (soon to be unleashed) and PVE progression.
  • Robot referee animations and implementation — The robot drone will be your guide through the game. It will provide you with additional info and bring a fun element with more emotions based on your decision-making. We’re planning to give it some additional game mechanics in the future.
  • Card back design and animation — Polishing the dino cards for better readability and understanding of their stats as well as creating a layer of customization so players can show their personality. We plan to implement card back skins and features where a player could enjoy their preferred design.
  • Battle foregrounds parallax system — For upcoming upgrades of the battle system, we want to have as many visual options as possible. Front environment layers should help with depth perception and give us more storytelling capabilities. Also, we want to have a greater variation to build different visual experiences at each level.
  • 3D to pixel art shader for upcoming animations — Upcoming planned mechanics are content heavy and, as we are pixel art lovers, we are aware 3D pixel art pipeline could streamline and level up the quality of assets, especially those which are not pure 2D side view.
  • Healthbars UX and design changes

DinoX Ecosystem

Aside from all the work we’re doing on DINOX World, we are very busy improving and expanding the entire DinoX Ecosystem. Here are a few things we’ve done recently and what we’re working on for the near future:

  • Reprioritize & Reevaluate — We had a lot of planning sessions to adjust and reevaluate the current project goals. After revisiting the roadmap, we reprioritized the features and current goals and released the new roadmap. We are planning to change it on all our channels and put extra effort to meet these goals, including the previously announced expansion of our team and brand new office.
  • Quicksaurus Hatching — The long-anticipated hatching of the Quicksaurus took place 2 weeks ago, meaning that one of the most sought-after dinos has been unleashed in DINOX World!
  • Portal Upgrade — A large upgrade to our portal will be ready to launch in the following weeks. Besides a new look and additional functionality, our portal will also have a better response time and more functionality on all devices.
  • DINOX World Map — We are also preparing to launch the DinoX world map in the following weeks. The map will be on the portal where people will be able to swap their land tickets to claim their pieces of land on the map. After claiming, people will unlock the first functionality of their lands — gaining basic resources. Also, people will see the whole DINOX World map including which land is owned and who their neighbors are.
  • Avatar Capsule Opening Event — Avatar capsules will be ready to open in the following weeks. People will see which awesome avatar was lurking inside (after they open it) and which rarity it is. More info on this will be published in a separate article when we get closer to the event.
  • Adventure Mode — Simultaneously we are working hard on the highly anticipated Adventure Mode. This will be an entirely new & immersive experience for DINOX World players. So far, only the Encounters game mode has been released which is just a small taste of what we have in store. Adventure Mode will be expansive and include multiple game loops that you haven’t seen yet! We can’t wait to share more about this as we get closer to the release!

There you have it DinoX Fam, our Mid-May Development update. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our social media platforms.

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