DinoX Elucidates Their Partnerships with Tater Games and 0X for the Upcoming NFT Game DINOX World

We’re very excited to detail our partnership with Tater Games and 0X on the current and future development of DINOX World.

Tater Games fosters a culture of innovation. So stepping boldly into the surging NFT gaming space was an obvious step for them. Spearheaded by the partnerships with DinoX and 0X, they provide production know-how and creative expertise for our upcoming NFT game, DINOX World. DinoX has already received a number of accolades and is one of the top new NFT projects currently in development.

DINOX World is a dinosaur-themed, play-to-earn ecosystem built around collectible pixel-art NFT dinosaurs living on the Ethereum blockchain. These dinosaurs begin as mysterious eggs that can be collected, traded, or hatched. Once hatched, the mystery of which dinosaur was hiding inside the egg is revealed, along with traits such as genera, rarity, size, birthday, and more.

Thanks to a unique dino generator, collectors can expect each NFT to be completely original and dinos will range in size from the chicken-sized compsognathus to the towering brontosaurus. Owners can raise and train their dinosaurs for various battles against both AI opponents and other players.

Combat is just the beginning; as the project matures, the ability to breed dinos to create unique new offspring will be unlocked and players can expect a host of additional features. The possibilities are endless.

The Alpha version of DINOX World just launched to a closed group of testers who are excited to get in and try out the very first demo of the game. The open Beta version is targeting a release at the end of the year.

DNXC, the governance token, is currently trading on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Gate.io, and QuickSwap exchanges. DNXC can be staked in designated staking pools in which stakers receive rewards for supporting the DinoX ecosystem.

Tater Games has supported 0X since its inception and brings a wealth of game experience to the project. With loads of development already underway, they are excited to share their journey with the world.

“Back when the idea of a Dino NFT was still an egg, Tomas (the creator of DinoX) and I spoke often about the world that was taking shape. Tomas is an excellent partner and his passion for the idea as well as his technical expertise was how we knew this would be an ideal project to collaborate on. Tater Games has developed tools and procedures that enable us to build games extremely quickly because we know you have to move fast or you get left in the dust.”
-Gabriel, CEO Tater Games

“It was a small humble idea at first but it grew quickly. I knew very soon that finding a partner to help us realize our vision would be super important. Having worked with Tater Games in the past and knowing their commitment and expertise there is nobody we trust more to launch our world in the highest quality possible.”
-Tomas, DinoX Co-Founder & CTO

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