DinoX Gen 1 Staking Pool Is Finally Here!!!

🦖🦕Hello DinoX Fam!🦖🦕

We hope you’ve enjoyed hatching your Gen 0 dino eggs as much as we’ve enjoyed watching which awesome dinos everyone is getting! For those of you who missed out on Gen 0, here’s your chance for Gen 1, which starts today!! Without further adieu, let’s dive into the details.

Gen 1 Staking goes live today, Sept. 25th, 8PM UTC. The Gen 1 Staking Pool will be open for 2 weeks, until Oct. 9th at 8 PM UTC, or until all eggs are accounted for, whichever happens first. During those two weeks, people can add or reduce their DNXC to the pool, but once Oct. 9th arrives, the pool will be locked and the tokens will enter an immobile period. The lockup period will last 70 days till Dec. 18th, and distribution of your awesome Gen 1 dino eggs will begin!

In the Gen 1 Staking Pool, there will be 10,000 eggs up for grabs! Side note: there will be 12,000 Gen 1 eggs minted in total. Unlike the previous Gen 0 staking pool, Gen 1 we have a set price of 500 DNXC per egg, and you can stake as much DNXC per wallet to your liking. There is no limit to how many eggs you can have per wallet address, as there is no cap on the Gen 1 Staking Pool!

Additionally, stakers will receive 1 lottery ticket per 100 DNXC staked in the Gen 1 Staking Pool. As usual, lottery tickets will be distributed exactly 168 hours (7 days) from when you entered the Gen 1 Staking Pool.

Example: Joe stakes 1500 DNXC in the Gen 1 Staking Pool. Joe will receive 3 Gen 1 eggs (500 DNXC per egg) when the pool ends on Dec. 18th. It doesn’t matter which network Joe used, all are treated equally and he will get his 3 eggs delivered to his wallet address. In addition, he will continue to receive 15 lottery tickets every 168hrs from the time he stakes his dnxc.

There will be 3 separate staking pools dependent on which chain you want to stake your DNXC tokens from (BSC, ETH, and Polygon). As the majority of stakers are using BSC, the starting distribution will be 7000 Gen 1 eggs for BSC, 1,500 eggs for ETH, and 1,500 eggs for Polygon. However, we will continue to monitor this closely and it can be adjusted as needed once the pool starts to fill up.

We’re very excited about this next generation of DinoX eggs and can’t wait to see how you like them! Here’s a fast recap of the Gen 1 Staking Pool:

Quick facts about the Gen 1 Staking Pool:

  • Goes live on Sept. 25th, at 8 PM UTC
  • Staking open for 2 weeks, until Oct. 9th at 8 PM UTC (or until full, whichever comes first)
  • Staking locked from Oct. 9th until Dec. 18th (70-day lock-up period)
  • Minimum: 500 DNXC, Maximum: Unlimited
  • Staking Rate: In Multiples of 500 DNXC per egg
  • Minting + Transfer Fees per Egg: approx. $20 of native token (0.06BNB, 0.007ETH,18 Matic)
  • Total Gen 1 Eggs minted: 12,000
  • Total Gen 1 Eggs allocated for Staking Pool: 10,000
  • Separated into 3 pools
  • 7,000 eggs for BSC, 1,500 for ETH, 1,500 for Polygon
  • 1 Lottery tickets per 100 DNXC staked

About DinoX

DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dinosaur kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

“If there’s something that will stay alive for millions of years, it will be Dinosaurs”

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