DinoX Half Year Recap 2022

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Welcome to the DinoX half-year recap! Although the NFT gaming sector and overall crypto market have been struggling of late, our team has powered through focusing on the game development of DINOX World and the expansion of the DinoX Ecosystem!

A ton of milestones were reached in the first half of 2022. One of the biggest accomplishments was the successful launch of DINOX World Beta back in January, which set us up for a very productive year thus far! We know darn well that without the support of our amazing DinoX Fam of gamers and enthusiasts we wouldn’t be the project we are today! All of our successes are shared with each and every one of you, so thank you all!

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. Let’s dive into a quick recap of our largest accomplishments in the first half of the year which included many partnerships, community giveaways, holiday-themed events, Gen 1 egg hatching, Land Sales, taking home first place in Battle of the Dapps, Single-Staking Pools, Avatar Sales, and more!

DinoX Milestones

January 2022

Jan 4 — Spores Network Partnership

Jan 6 — GameRich Partnership

Jan 10 — Land Sale NFTPad & TrustPad (sold out in minutes!)

Jan 15 — Gen 1 Hatching Event

Jan 18 — DINOX World Closed Beta goes LIVE

Jan 20 — Spintop Partnership

Jan 27 — 2nd DNXC LP Farm on TokensFarm

Jan 28 — Won Battle of the Dapps Group Stage

Jan 31 — DINOX World Open Beta goes LIVE

February 2022

Feb 2 — BitHotel Partnership

Feb 11 — DINOX World Beta 11-day Progress: 23K+ Registered Players & 5K+ DAU

Feb 14 — V-Day giveaway

Feb 15 — HODL-to-Buy whitelist announced

Feb 18 — DinoX Wins Battle of the Dapps!

March 2022

Mar 3 — Land Sale on Spores Network

Mar 4 — Website update

Mar 4 — DNXC LP and Farms on Spindex

Mar 11 — DINOX World Beta 40-day Progress: 40K+ Registered Players & 7K+ DAU

Mar 11 — Card & Booster Pack Opening Event goes LIVE

Mar 17 — Binance NFT partnership

Mar 24 — Avatar Sale on Binance NFT goes LIVE

Mar 28 — $DNXC Vesting schedule changed from Monthly to Linear

April 2022

Apr 1 — Single-Sided $DNXC Staking Pools go LIVE on our Portal

Apr 2 — Multi-Metaverse giveaway with BitHotel and many other projects

Apr 14 — Big Easter giveaway

May 2022

May 1 — The referral program ended

May 9 — Revised roadmap

May 10 — New office reveal

June 2022

Jun 10–16 — Fun Community Voting Contest

Jun 30 — Avatar Opening Event

DINOX World Development Updates

In February of 2022, we started a DINOX World Development Update article series that gives our readers an inside look at what’s being developed by our team and a sneak peek at what’s coming in the near future. We’ve had great feedback from the community about these updates, and we plan to continue informing our DinoX Fam of our progress!

Here’s a quick outline of the Development Update series so far:


Focused mostly on early bug fixes but also redesigned the dino details page, my dinos page, and health bars in battle as well as implemented a fun V-day-themed background with particle animations.


Fixed more bugs. Focused on making the gameplay smoother. Introduced a camera shake feature for a “frontline” feeling on the battlefield and coin flip mechanics for battles. Enhanced visuals of the dinos on the battlefield where smaller dinosaurs are displayed in swarms or packs as well as new particle animations.


Large focus on refactoring and behind-the-scenes efforts to make future updates easier on the development backend. Fixed multiple bugs and laid the groundwork for new implementations of UI improvements, graphics, visuals, and Avatars.


Implemented a new UI to make it easier to understand what’s happening on the battlefield and added 1000 more levels. Also, lots of work on Avatars, new enemy types, and gameplay mechanics for the next evolution of Encounters.


Focus on preparing for a big update and implementation of many new features in DINOX World, including turn-based gameplay, 2 actions per turn instead of 1, gradual unlocking of action cards in a dino’s deck, several visual improvements, Avatars, and the introduction of our in-game soft currency.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve had a chance to look back at the progress DinoX has had over the past 6 months, it’s time to take a peek into the future!

Currently, we’re mere days away from our largest DINOX World Beta update since its launch back in January! This new update has a ton of new features being introduced, many of which were detailed in their own articles or were mentioned in some previous development updates. The new features include:

  • Turn-based combat — Combatants attack in turns instead of at the same time.
  • Two actions per round instead of one.
  • Dino Swap — a new action where a player can switch the positions of his dinos on the battlefield.
  • Progressive Action Cards — Action Cards will activate gradually each round that dino is on the battlefield.
  • In-game soft currency — used for upgrading starter dinos without using NFT Liberation Crystals.
  • Avatars — the first implementation of Avatars where they will be visually present in battle! More utility will be added in further releases.

In addition to the game updates, we’ve got some highly-anticipated new features being introduced in the DinoX Ecosystem very soon as well:

  • Website & Portal Upgrade
  • P2P Marketplace
  • DinoX World Map

DinoX remains busy delivering everything we can to make DINOX World a fun and entertaining game for everyone to play. The first 6 months of 2022 have been good productivity and development-wise and we don’t plan to slow down any time soon. Thanks for your support DinoX Fam, and we’ll keep BUIDL-ing the future of NFT games!

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