DinoX Hatching Explained

This is it DinoX Fam — the highly anticipated hatching event is on the horizon! Do you want to find out which awesome dinosaur is waiting to be released from your DNX egg? We do too! So here’s the breakdown of how to hatch your DinoX Eggs!

Hatching will take place in our newly upgraded Portal on the “My Collection” page. Here you’ll be able to view all of your DNX eggs and DNXI items without the need to switch between networks (ETH, BSC, Polygon).

Once the hatching event begins on September 22nd, all eggs will start to gain their colors and designs. Shortly after, the option to “UNLOCK HATCHING” will appear when you click on your eggs. Hatching will cost 50 DNXC per egg, which can be paid via any of the three networks where DNXC can be stored (ETH, BSC, Polygon).

“UNLOCK HATCHING” allows your dino egg to be hatched.

Something interesting about this is that the fee goes into the game treasury and will circulate back to our players. The DNXC collected from hatching will be used to increase the DINOX World ecosystem incentives, such as P2E game-type rewards.

$DNXC Ecosystem Incentives Loop

Once this transaction is successful, the button will change to “HATCH”. This step calls up the API, verifies ownership of the dino, verifies that the ability to hatch is unlocked on the blockchain, and is FREE of charge. Hatching is instantaneous!

After clicking “HATCH”, the egg will instantly transform into a full dino and all of the “Unknown” features and traits will become visible. You’ll be able to see the details of your dino like the family, size, rarity, type, and more. Also, your hatched dino will keep the same number as it had when it was still an egg, so there’s no need to worry about it changing.

“Unknown” traits will be filled when the eggs are hatched

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