DinoX HODL to Earn is Back

2 min readMay 12, 2023

HODL to Earn is Back and it starts today!

As part of our 30-day Growth Campaign, #30daysofDinoX, we’re launching a new, 4-week long HODL to Earn Event with awesome prizes up for grabs! No staking necessary!


  • Mythic Tier (Own 1x Egg/Dino &100K+ DNXC): Avatar Capsule + Exclusive Mystery In-Game Battle Item (non-NFT new dynamic action cards)
  • Epic Tier (75000–99999 DNXC): Gen 1 Egg
  • Rare Tier (50000–74999 DNXC): Dino Snacks, Bots, & Lib Crystals
  • Uncommon Tier (10000–49999 DNXC): Ancient Spice & CHIPS


This event starts today and will last 4 weeks. Over this period, we will randomly take 4 snapshots of accounts holding $DNXC. From those 4 snapshots, we’ll use the average number of tokens held in each account to determine which tier you are in & which awesome prizes you’ll receive!

Whether your DNXC is on ETH, BSC or Polygon, as long as it’s from the same wallet address we’ll combine it all for the screenshots! Also, if it’s locked away in other staking pools, it’ll still be counted! Amazing!

Prizes will be airdropped to the accounts once the campaign & snapshots are finished.

We’ve got much more huge news coming in this campaign and afterward! So make sure to follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Discord & Telegram to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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