DinoX introduces Filip Tomaska

“For DinoX to evolve as a successful company, we need to continue to strengthen the community. We need ideas from our community to define the business goals. I hope our communication will continue to improve and that we can share more thoughts and stories in the future.” — Flip Tomaska, DinoX CEO

Today we are introducing a series of team interviews. We hope you enjoy getting to know the team behind DinoX!

Flip Tomaska is DinoX’s CEO, specializing in leading the development of DinoX’s short and long-term strategy.

We asked Filip to introduce himself in his own words.

My name is Filip. I am the CEO of DinoX. Leading a project of my own has been my long-term dream; I started in the startup world back when I was 17. It’s even more incredible because I get to do what I really like — dinosaurs have been my passion since childhood, creating games is fascinating, and I am a crypto enthusiast. I’ve been in the crypto industry for over 5 years now.

It all started in 2013 when I began following the development of Bitcoin, then joined my first crypto company at the end of 2017. I was responsible for strategic partnerships and listing on exchanges. It was really fascinating because, in crypto, you could progress with business development very quickly. In a few weeks we got listings on major exchanges; we were talking to leading investors in the industry and getting noticed by the traditional IT sector as well.

What is exciting to you right now in the crypto space?

NFTs are an exciting new development in the world of blockchain technology. They’re digital assets that have a real-world application. Not only do they apply to top-level gameplay, but commerce and fandom as well. They have become my passion within crypto, as I like the art and long-term prospects of NFTs. I am a collector in many projects and especially enjoy the NBA Top Shot NFTs, as they include my interest in basketball as well :)

What do you see as the future of NFTs?

I think in the mid-term, it’s about creating and maintaining utility. I am all for the collectible aspect of NFTs, but finding a different use for them and bringing them to life is an entirely different angle. This is exactly what we are trying to do at DinoX; offer the collection and nurturing of dinos but also providing a fun and engaging way of interacting with them.

How would you explain DinoX to someone who just came across the project?

It is an enjoyable, player-oriented gaming experience. DinoX is about taking care of your dinosaurs, nurturing them from the egg stage, helping them grow, utilizing them within the game, challenging other players in PVP battles and tournaments, and even trading them to create unique groups of dinosaurs that you like. It is also an exciting way to interact with blockchain technology and NFTs. The dinos are living on the Ethereum network.

What does Blockchain technology mean for the gaming industry?

Blockchain has brought and is bringing a revolution and significant change to a variety of industries. Gaming wasn’t the first to follow suit; for example, the finance sector to store information on land deeds or property ownership safely and securely. Blockchain has already created a completely new segment within gaming — NFTs that are playable or usable in-game. I am a fan and a true believer in this segment, and I think it will become a huge industry in a few years on its own. In fact, I believe that blockchain will find its use in more traditional gaming segments as well. I think collectible and unique items in online games will be powerful and make a sound use case. Also, owning parts of the game is very appealing to the players.

What is your favorite dinosaur?

I like quite a few of them, actually. The first choice would probably be the Triceratops. It’s a fascinating type with three horns, strong armor, and low balance. I guess it would be challenging to defeat one in actual combat. Let’s see what kind of dinosaur I will grow in DinoX. Hopefully, I get the right egg!

Any final words for the community?

This is going to be a great adventure for us all. We are fortunate to work with such talented people and are humbled by your support and excitement. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done, and I can’t wait to reveal more details to our incredible community. I can’t wait to take a day off work so I can binge play the game as soon as it comes out!

Learn more about DinoX:
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