DinoX Introduces Sebastiaan Van Asperen

We are making something people will love, with amazing people from a variety of disciplines in full motion.” — Sebastiaan Van Asperen, DinoX Art Director.

Today we introduce Sebastiaan Van Asperen, the Art Director of DinoX. This is the third interview in our series of team interviews. We hope you enjoy getting to know the team behind DinoX!

Step into the mind that designed it all.

Here’s a recap of an interview with Sebastiaan van Asperen, the Art Director and core team member of DinoX.

We asked Sebastiaan to introduce himself in his own words.

My name is Sebastiaan and I am the art director on DinoX. I’m in charge of visual concepts and design, the look and feel of the game world.

What is exciting to you right now in the crypto space?

Many things are exciting in the crypto space, whether it’s trailblazers, new products or haters… Mostly the NFT space. The concept behind NFT’s will become more mainstream and the value of certain items will be retained after purchases.

What do you think the biggest challenges are right now at DinoX?

Well for me, it’s delivering a visually immersive world to go along with the fun an excitement.

How would you explain DinoX to someone who just came across the project?

Collect, trade and battle dinosaurs in a cool game with a market tied to it, which can earn you money back, if not more.

What is your favorite dinosaur and why?

Mosasaurus? Spinosaurus? Quetzalcoatlus? Because they are terrifying.

What do you think about the future of gaming?

I hope the paradigm will shift away from legalized gambling and gacha mechanics or other money-sinks and greed based systems that often plague mainstream and mobile gaming. I hope NFT based systems will help change that. With the introduction of blockchain gaming, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s owning a virtual part of that game, or adding real value to it, or receiving real value back from it.

How did you get into art?

My mother is a biologist with a variety of artistic abilities. Then one of my best friends in basic school drew amazingly well, from Akira characters to obscene and funny images. I wanted to be as creative and draw as effortlessly as they did. It’s still not effortlessly.

What are you most excited for with DinoX?

We are making something people will love, with amazing people from a variety of disciplines in full motion. That’s pretty exciting.

What other projects have you worked with?

Most of my background is in mobile games development and illustration. This is my first NFT based project.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with our artist, Sebastiaan van Asperen! We cannot wait to share more with our amazing community. Be sure to follow below for all future updates.

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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