DinoX Introduces Tomas Husar

“DinoX takes ordinary online gaming and turns it into something extraordinary. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, DinoX allows players to truly own their digital assets, creating long term value and giving the users a more rewarding gaming experience.” — Tomas Husar, DinoX CTO

Today we introduce Tomas Husar, the CTO of DinoX. This is the second interview in our series of team interviews. We hope you enjoy getting to know the team behind DinoX!

Tomas is a hands-on leader who enjoys solving problems and loves to think outside the box! He provides leadership in technology strategy and oversees technical product development.

We asked Tomas to introduce himself in his own words.

Hi there! My name is Tomas, I’m the Chief Technical Officer at DinoX. My background is filled with game development. DinoX started as a simple idea that we kept talking about. We fell in love with the project and finally decided to go all in. DinoX was one of these diamonds. Once we started working on DinoX, we knew it had the potential to be big and that’s why we decided to focus all our attention on this project. We formed the DinoX team and I immediately began working on the infrastructure, smart contracts and dinosaur (DNX) procedural generator, with so much in between. Lately, it’s been more about designing the architecture, keeping the security on high priority and delegating plans and tasks to our developers.

How did you get into crypto?

I remember having the discussions while still being a teenager back in 2011–2012, but I didn’t pay enough attention at that time. In 2017, while being an already well-experienced coder, it came back into my circles. That same year I was introduced to Ethereum and the idea of smart contracts and coding within blockchain.

What is exciting to you right now in the crypto space?

This whole community of developers trying to find the best or not-yet found solutions and utilization of the technology. The hype around NFTs brought into the light some nice and well-thought projects. To be as specific as possible, for me it’s going to be mostly about games and how all the developers are looking into using these ideas. It’s like a little revolution in gaming models.

What do you see as the future of NFTs?

My subjective opinion is that they will find their place in all industries tied to the internet and digital works. It may have been messy the last few months, but that’s how it is all the time with technologies and solutions like these. It will get standardized and I think in the near future we won’t even be talking about if we should implement blockchain into new projects or whether to tokenize the ecosystems because it will be standard practice.

What do you think the biggest challenges are right now at DinoX?

In the early days of idea-making, we took the vision of “becoming the standard for blockchain games” and I think keeping this vision is the biggest challenge. It’s not about technological implementation or infrastructure. It’s mostly about UX and well-thought processes that will bring the most enjoyable experience for all the users and players. Instead of going to this project thinking “let’s ride the wave of NFTs” we chose, “let’s create the wave!”.

How would you explain DinoX to someone who just came across the project?

Imagine being able to digitally own your own dinosaurs and everybody can understand and agree that you truly own those. They are unique to you, and nobody will ever have the same as you do. It’s similar to Pokémon cards collecting, but even more unique and digital. And now while keeping this thought, imagine it’s not just about owning them, but being able to interact and play inside the world we created for you. Do you like the Tamagotchi style of games? Sure, you can just calmly take care of your complex and all the dinos you have there. But if you are more of an adventure type of player, you should try and enter into battles with your dinos. You can even choose if it’s against other players, real dinos or going wildly into the jungle and trying your luck not to come across some very dangerous species. Who knows, if you defeat those dangerous ones, you may be able to find new Dino Eggs to expand your collection.

What is your favorite dinosaur and why?

That’s a hard one... I remember in the first days of the project when doing all the necessary research for the dino generator we have, I stumbled upon a full database of known Dinosaur genera. I think the most impactful for me was the dino genera called “Styracosaurus” because of its majestic crown-like features. Also because it’s not as known as the most popular one “Triceratops”. (… and just between us, I think Triceratops is boring in comparison to Styracosaurus)

What do you think about the future of gaming?

Coming from the game development industry, I have seen the rise of Virtual Reality a few years ago and am a big fan. That’s one of the future possibilities that I would love to see happen in the mainstream. Working on DinoX, a game project utilizing blockchain, I can see this technology becoming the next standard for the gaming world. If both come alive together, that could be a very amazing experience for all of us who play games.

What does Blockchain technology mean for the gaming industry?

One of the most fascinating aspects that comes with blockchain is the idea of bending the rules of the gaming economy to fit into the economics of other crypto-related projects. You won’t be able to make games by the same set of rules as before. You need to adapt and design new ways of doing these things.

What previous experience do you have with gaming?

I used to play a lot of games when I was a child, Games like Prince of Persia or Neverhood will always be in my memories. Later on, I have found myself really enjoying Dota and later Dota 2. Nowadays, I enjoy developing new games more than playing, but of course, I’m not missing out on newer games like Cyberpunk!

What are you most excited about with DinoX?

Being able to see how the ownership of Dinos spreads and how the world is going to be built with the help of the community. The whole team behind DinoX loves the theme of Dinosaurs and we all used to have those dino-encyclopedia and toys related to them. Bringing this into a digital form and to the masses feels very exciting even for us as developers.

Where did you get the idea to put Dinosaurs on the blockchain?

Our first decision was to make a very simple collection that’s animated and visually attractive for most of the people involved in NFTs. The only real next option was Dinosaurs. It came naturally during brainstorming, and at the first glance somebody mentioned this idea, we were all in.

What other projects have you worked with?

I used to work in one of the biggest gaming companies in Central Europe, making free to play and casual mobile games. I spent there many years and gained experience being in the “battle” with very skilled professionals of this industry. Since 2017, I was experimenting and writing down technical designs for different blockchain-based games.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with our CTO, Tomas Husar! We cannot wait to share more with our amazing community. Be sure to follow below for all future updates.

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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