DinoX is Coming to Hardcore Korean Gamers through GameTalkTalk’s 3.5 million users and 7 Million Gaming Communities with a Roar!

DinoX announced a strategic partnership with Ludena Protocol — A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers. Both parties will co-host an event for Gamers and the Blockchain Community in Korea. Participants will receive tons of prizes and rewards from both companies.

DinoX is a combat strategic battle game that uses the fan-favorite theme of Dinosaurs. Players build Dino Kingdoms that rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the Metaverse, retrain true ownership of the game. The Game also features a Play to Earn system where you can train and breed dinosaurs.

DinoX includes 3 addictive features where users can Breed, Trade, and Collect as NFTs. Hence, each dinosaur is unique, and since you can equip dinosaurs with different action cards or change and upgrade the complex your dinos live in, it makes it more exciting. However, the most exciting feature is the Stake to Earn system. Users of DinoX will have an option to stake their DNXC tokens in exchange for rewards weekly, monthly, or annually. Most importantly, DNXC allows everyone to earn DNX dino Eggs as rewards which can be traded in its own NFT Marketplace.

South Korean gamers are known for dominating the e-sports scene in various games and have a solid gaming culture. Since gaming is so popular in Korea and is also considered a major social activity, I strongly believe that the Korean DinoX community will be one of the strongest international communities DinoX has. I really see a huge potential for growth on this market and sincerely hope that Korean people will enjoy playing the DinoX World.” — Filip, CEO of DinoX.

We believe this partnership will expand our userbase and strengthen our foothold within the NFT & gaming industry.

About DinoX

DinoX World is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dino kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

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