DinoX Joins Forces With Grand Beats Production To Create Authentic Music & Sound Effects For DINOX World

2 min readNov 5, 2021


DinoX is thrilled to have teamed up with renowned audio production studio Grand Beats Production to collaborate on bringing music and sound effects to DINOX World. Their expertise in creating adaptive and interactive sound design for various video game projects has made them a highly sought-after company to work with and a valuable asset for DinoX.

Grand Beats Production’s most successful projects include Mafia Definitive Edition, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Smashing Four, and Diggy’s Adventure. Grand Beats Production collaborates with developers from all over the world and actively participates in the development of new Slovak and foreign Indie games, but also AAA and up-and-coming titles as well.

The studio specializes in producing specific, customized music, voiceovers, and sound design for video game projects and applications. Grand Beats Production is even developing its own sound engine as well as creative sound solutions for developers. The team is well known in the space and often spreads its wealth of knowledge at domestic and international conferences and is even a member of the SGDA.

“The custom-made audio in the DINOX World will make you feel like owning an authentic dinosaur, except for the amount of space a real one would take up! ” Ján Kadanec, Creative Audio Director of Grand Beats Production.

DinoX is gearing up for its end of the year open Beta release of DINOX World — an interactive, play-to-earn, dinosaur-themed gaming world where players own, breed, train, and battle their own NFT dinosaurs! Collaborating with the prestigious sound production company Grand Beats Production aligns perfectly with their vision to bring authentic sound to their Dino-Verse.

Sneak Peek at some experimental sound effects in DINOX World Alpha 👇


“Choosing a reliable sound design partner, a studio with a high-quality portfolio was very important early in the development phase of DinoX. We are very happy to collaborate with Grand Beats Production as they are not only very professional but they are intricately involved with games and enjoy challenges too.” — Tomas Husar, CTO & Co-Founder of DinoX.

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