DinoX Joins Forces With Polygon (MATIC)

2 min readJun 4, 2021


DinoX is preparing for a stampede-like growth in the community as it officially teams up with Polygon. The Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon, is possibly the most popular amongst DeFi and NFT (non-fungible token) projects and will bring a whole new set of possibilities and features to the DinoX platform. Here’s how this collaboration with Polygon will benefit DinoX, the dinosaurs, and most importantly, our community.

Using Polygon will enable DinoX and the community to harness their highly scalable and efficient infrastructure. Solving the congestion and high fees that other blockchains are facing today, with Polygon’s Hybrid POS-Plasma which provides secure, scalable, and instant transactions powered by PoS side chains and an adapted version of Plasma. Allowing for smoother transactions and lower NFT minting costs. At the time of this post, the average price to mint and claim an NFT utilizing Polygon is 0.00006 USD, nearly free.

On top of that, Polygon has a sizable user base within the current NFT ecosystems, thus providing many possibilities to connect DinoX and other NFT projects. Therefore, DinoX will be able to leverage the decentralized databases, computation, decentralized identification frameworks, and other tools provided by Polygon and its integrated network of collaborators. Giving DinoX the tools to solve issues such as storage for the thousands of NFTs to be minted.

DinoX users will be able to participate frictionlessly from all corners of the world. It’s all thanks to Polygon’s cutting edge solutions, network, and aspiration to see a world where blockchain gains mainstream adoption. With Polygon, DinoX will be able to reach its full potential, to have a whole digital DinoX Universe with an entire ecosystem of dinos roaming freely in their digital world.

The DNXI token, a core pillar of the DinoX ecosystem, utilizes Polygon for all of the utility assets within the game such as character equipment, dino upgrades, island park utilities, etc. Combined with the primary in-game actions such as training, hunting, and battling as well as the secondary actions of breeding, idle tournaments, and community created mini-games, users have the ability to play, collect, and earn for next to nothing!

The rewards are vast, from in-game items to DinoX currency, to actual digital dinosaurs! All features of the game are based on the play-to-earn model, so the more involved you are, the better you will become and the more rewards you’ll receive. We hope you join us on this adventure, and we are so happy to team up with Polygon to make this dream a reality!


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