DinoX Land Sale Discounts for DNXC Holders

DinoX’s own Land Sale is happening next week and with Single Staking about to go live tomorrow, we wanted to give all of our HODL-to-Buy participants an update about the Land Sale pricing & discounts for DNXC holders so they can have the whole picture and decide how they want to allocate their DNXC!

We are well aware of the current market conditions and how they’ve affected the price of nearly all NFT game tokens including our own DNXC. Therefore, to reward those who held on despite the downtrend, we’re introducing a juicy discount for everyone holding DNXC and an even more massive discount for those who purchase with DNXC tokens! Here’s the breakdown:

Lands Discount for All HODL-to-Buy Participants

The Land Sale on our Website Portal will allow HODL-to-Buy participants to buy Lands with ETH, BUSD, USDT, or DNXC. (HODL-to-Buy List here for reference) Regardless of which currency they use for purchasing, they’ll have the following discounts based on the amount of DNXC they hold in their wallet at the time of the sale:

  • 20K+ DNXC = 30% OFF
  • 10K — 20K DNXC = 25% OFF
  • 5001–10K DNXC = 20% OFF
  • 2501–5000 DNXC = 15% OFF
  • 500–2500 DNXC = 10% OFF

Additional Value for Purchasing Lands with DNXC

In addition to the above discounts, those who purchase Lands with DNXC will gain a massive 50% increase on their token value! That’s right, we’re boosting the price of DNXC by 50% for this special Land Sale, giving our DNXC holders more bang for their buck!

Before the sale starts, we will screenshot the live price of DNXC, then we’ll add on 50% of its value and use this new DNXC value for the sale! So, for example, if at the time of the sale DNXC is at $0.06, we’ll tack on 50% making it so each DNXC is worth $0.09 during our sale. That’s a huge added value to those who purchase Lands with DNXC!

The price of the Lands are the same as in previous sales (outlined below), but with the discounts mentioned above, DNXC holders & purchasers get an excellent value!

  • Common 1x1 = $190
  • Uncommon 1x1 = $240
  • Uncommon 2x2 = $290
  • Rare 2x2 = $340
  • Rare 3x3 = $390
  • Legendary 3x3 = $690
  • Legendary 4x4 = $790
  • Mythic 4x4 = $1190

All these percentages can get a bit confusing, so here is an example to help illustrate how it works. This example assumes the individuals have already qualified for HODL-to-Buy.


A person has 6500 DNXC in their wallet and the price of DNXC at the time of sale is $0.06. With 6500 DNXC, they qualify for 20% OFF. They choose to buy a Rare 2x2 Land priced at $340.

  • If they buy Land with ETH, BUSD, or USDT they’ll pay $272 (340 discounted by 20%).
  • If they purchase with DNXC, their 6500 DNXC is worth 50% more since we’ll boost the value from $0.06 to $0.09! Meaning, instead of 6500 DNXC being worth $390 (6500 x 0.06), now it’s worth $585 (6500 x 0.09)! Therefore, this person has enough DNXC left over to buy a second Rare 2x2 Land! ($585 — $272 — $272 = $41 value in DNXC remaining)
    Put another way: $272/0.09 = 3022.2 DNXC. 3022.2 x $0.06 = $181.30 (the actual cost of a Rare 2x2 Land when purchased with DNXC & 20% discount tier).

We hope all of our DinoX Fam is ready to get their hands on Lands! There’s a lot more coming down the pipeline as well, so stay tuned!

Follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Telegram & Discord to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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