DinoX Marketplace Roooaars Onto the Scene

Today is a very special day for our ever-expanding DinoX family! Why you might ask? It marks the launch of the DinoX Marketplace, a service where you can broaden your collection, buy select themed merchandise, as well as exclusive items in the future. You can find the newly released Marketplace within our portal section at https://portal.dinox.io/marketplace.

DinoX Portal | Marketplace

In this first release, we will have two types of things available in the Marketplace:

  1. NFTs for in-game use — purchase with our token $DNXC (compatible with whichever network you hold it on — ETH, Polygon, or BSC).
    Gen 0 Eggs (cost: 2500 DNXC, supply: 290 Eggs) — highly exclusive, first-ever minted DNX. Limited quantity.
    Booster Packs (cost: 3000 DNXC, supply: 72) — they contain Action Cards for the game + Gen 0 Eggs + in-game Resources. Very limited quantity.
    Card Packs (cost: 600 DNXC, supply: 1000) — entirely Action Cards. Limited quantity. ( Will be available in following days )
  2. T-shirts and hoodies (cost: from 26$ ) — purchase with FIAT money via Credit Card. ( Will be available in following days )

There are no fees associated with the purchase of Eggs and/or Packs ( besides the first and only allowance for shop-keeper on the network of your choice ). Pay precisely the amount of $DNXC that you see listed for that item. Eggs, Booster Packs, and Card Packs are limited-time exclusives and, as a result, are sold on a first come first serve basis. This means that once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. No second chances. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab ahold of them and don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity!

So you want to use the DinoX marketplace but don’t know where to get $DNXC? It’s easy and you have many options, including:

🌉 Gate.io: DNXC-USDT

🥞 PancakeSwap: DNXC-BUSD

🦄 Uniswap: DNXC-USDC

⚡️ Quickswap: DNXC/USDC

As the already vast prehistoric world of DinoX continues to blossom, you can expect more features to drop on a semi-regular basis. For starters, during the initial alpha stage, we endeavor to evolve and bolster up the Marketplace front by adding new and wholly unique items of varying rarity including gen 1 eggs, revamped booster packs containing never-before-seen card assortments, and teasing further exclusives to come (wink wink).

It should go without saying that we will continue to update the DinoX merch with new designs, so that you can not only show off your rewards in-game but out and about as well!

Further into the cycle, we will venture into incorporating P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange, enabling you to freely trade your valuable NFTs between each other. We aim to implement this feature around the launch of the Beta. Be on the lookout for updates surrounding this development and additional features of the DinoX Marketplace.

Until then, happy shopping DinoX Fam! 🦖

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