DinoX Portal: Staking Guide

Before our staking portal goes live today, August 5th at 4 PM UTC, we prepared this simple guide to show you how you can stake your $DNXC tokens and get rewards in the form of $DNX tokens — DinoX dinosaur eggs and $DNXI tokens — tickets for our upcoming lottery.

Choose your pool — green shows which network are you currently connected to.

We have divided the $DNX rewards respectively, according to the number of holders on the respective chains. On Binance Smart Chain, the number of $DNX tokens is 4,500, on Ethereum, the number of $DNX tokens is 2,500 and on Polygon, the number of $DNX tokens is 1,000. We sincerely hope that everyone from the early community members and supporters will get a chance to get their hands on a very rare Gen 0 DinoX egg and that the division of $DNX to the respective pools is fair and according to the number of holders of $DNXC tokens visible on the blockchain.

How much would you like to stake — depending on the amount of DNXC (minimum 500 $DNXC) the portal calculates how long it will take you to get the Gen 0 DinoX egg.

About DinoX

DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dinosaur kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers