DinoX Project Review and Update

DinoX NFT Dinosaurs Coming Soon

RAAAWWWWWRRRRRR! Did you hear that?! T-REX!! RUNNNN! Get ready, DinoX dinosaurs are coming to the blockchain! DinoX recently closed their seed round led by two giant incubators and leading investors, DAO Maker and Magnus Capital! Now that we have your attention… do you want in on the collectible and tradeable NFT dinosaurs? Then join DinoX where the first terrifying, digital, collectible, and tradeable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) dinosaurs will soon be unleashed. If you ever wanted to own your own dinosaur, this is your chance!

The DinoX team is developing an epic game, set in an all new and immersive world filled with islands, various packs of living dinosaurs and other creatures. Currently, there are 8000 digitally unique dinosaurs that are ready to live on the blockchain that will become available via TGE in late Q2. Yes, you read that correctly, LIVING dinosaurs. You can own them, take care of them, breed them, train them, and fight various other creatures that occupy the islands.

The game is great for beginners, but also has advanced features that even the most diehard gamers will enjoy in both mobile and web-based markets. Aside from the game, you will be able to trade your dinosaurs with other holders as DNX NFTs.

The DinoX NFT (aka DNX NFTs)

We carefully chose specific dinosaurs for this first generation (G0) and handcrafted them down to the most minute detail. First, the pixelated artwork is nostalgic and brings us straight back to our childhood. Aside from being pixelated, there is a ton of realism in the dinos’ genetic code. For example, the color patterns and physical features such as actual size, scales, feathers, spikes, etc. are described in the backstory of each dino NFT and are accurately depicted just as they would be if the real dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth today.

What came first, the dino or the egg? The DinoX egg of course! Each dino NFT starts out as a dino egg. The owner can choose to hatch the egg and discover what awesome dino is inside or they can keep the egg unhatched. Unhatched eggs may be desirable to collectors since it’s a mystery as to which dino is inside and when sold to a new owner, they get the experience of solving that mystery themselves. Both hatched and unhatched dinos can be traded, sold, or kept by their prospective owners.

The DinoX Ecosystem

The main part of the ecosystem is the game, which is an entire world in itself. It’s designed in a way to gain user engagement and trust while providing entertainment and even rewards for playing. All of this goes together with the collectible aspect of DNX.

The game will include Dino Battles, Idle Tournaments, DNX Training, WILD HUNT, Community-created mini-games and of course, breeding. Yes, you read that right — breeding. You will be able to create hybrid dinos by breeding two of your dinos together. To add to the game, users will be rewarded for playing. You can earn rewards through playing skillfully or by getting a little lucky.

Where did this idea come from?

DinoX was born out of the desire to create a fun, new way to interact with NFT collectibles while also trying to satisfy our inner child’s dream of owning our very own dinosaurs.

DinoX really wanted to give people the experience of owning their very own digital dinosaur! Each dino is based on the real dinosaur genera and includes all of your favorites — think Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus — along with tons of really awesome ones you will be amazed by when you see them! DinoX created a procedural generator to help with creating the uniqueness of each dino. They will eventually include the full spectrum of known dinosaur genera as well as create some new, never before seen dinos unique to DinoX.

Stay tuned for the token sale where you can purchase DNXC to then use and buy DinoX NFTs. You can read about the full tokenomics in the DinoX whitepaper, stay tuned for the official dates for the upcoming DNXC token sale.



Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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