DinoX Social Island & Mobile Release Approaches!

5 min readMar 7, 2023

We’ve been leaking aspects of our Social Island & mobile release for months, explaining tidbits of how players can construct buildings on their Lands, invite fellow players & friends to explore their dino kingdoms, showcase their DinoX dino NFT collections & other digital assets, and more.

The Social Island is a vital aspect of the game, encompassing the combination of the DinoX World Map, players’ NFT Lands, and its usability in DinoX. The first iteration will be mostly focused on technical aspects and fine-tuning/testing some early features.

Following the Social Island, we’ll release an early, testing-focused version of DinoX Mobile on both Google Play & Apple Store. This first mobile release will be slightly targeted toward free-to-play (F2P) players and will have the basic functionality of the features explained below. After sufficient testing and implementation of additional features, we will do a full public release with marketing. Imagine this like an early beta release of our mobile game for our loyal community, and we highly appreciate your feedback!

Below, we’ve outlined the majority of new features that’ll be available on Day 1 as well as some exciting things that will come later but we just couldn’t wait to tell you about them! Let’s dive in!

Your Starter Island

Upon login, players will drop into their “starter” or “default” island. This island is a rudimental, non-NFT land that all players start with for constructing some primary buildings for basic resource production and core playability. The starter island isn’t connected to the World Map and therefore doesn’t have the capability to travel to neighboring lands. Players need NFT Lands in order to do that!

If a player owns an NFT Land, they can set it to be the preferred “default” one, and therefore always drop into that Land instead of the non-NFT one. For players with multiple NFT Lands, they’ll be able to select which one to designate as the default.

NFT Lands & World Map

NFT Lands contain the same functionality as the default island but expand their building capacity with additional building slots and the ability to construct more unique & advantageous structures. The higher the rarity, the greater the number of buildings a player can construct, including more unique structures.

NFT Lands are your key to unlocking the full realm of social features in DinoX. They connect players to the World Map, allowing them to roam around their Lands and even visit neighboring properties. In the future, players will be able to invite others to their Lands and explore much more than just the neighborhood. Non-NFT holders won’t have the luxury to traverse the World Map at the beginning, but there will be some form of exploration for everyone later on.

Showcasing the Obelisk, Blacksmith building & Avatar movement.

On your Land, there will be an obelisk that allows players to teleport between their own NFT Lands and the default island. In addition, at the edges of one’s NFT Land, they’ll see mini obelisks which take them to neighboring Lands. In later stages, the World Map will be more interactive, allowing players to zoom in & out, and even fast travel to various locations. More features will be added in the near future!

Buildings & Functionality

This initial release of the Social Island gives players the opportunity to build new factories and mining buildings which increases resource production. Players will see on their lands the designated areas where they can construct such buildings. Of course, how many a player can build depends on the rarity of their NFT Lands.

Building construction requires both resources and time. While in construction, the buildings can’t be used, but once they’re finished the player will be able to harvest resources after some time by manually clicking on the building. Note: These resources won’t be automatically added to your inventory, players will need to visit their lands and collect them.

Nearly finalized but still WIP images of some new buildings on the Social Islands.

In addition to these new factories and mines, players will be able to construct the blacksmith building for forging a variety of items, such as keys that unlock new playable battlegrounds in the Ancient Enemies gameplay mode. More buildings will be added later on.

Nonplayer Characters (NPCs)

Upon the launch of the Social Island, players will get to see the first set of NPC Avatars! These Avatars will only have one-liner bubble text when players approach them or click on them for now, but later they’ll be able to give you a variety of different information, the option to start or proceed with quests (yes quests!), and may even offer you some special deals on in-game items or merchandise.

Energy Management

Last but not least, energy management will change a little bit. But don’t worry, players who have already increased their max energy levels or the energy regen speed will keep that level, so no risk of losing your progress!

The change comes with a single energy building instead of multiple buildings. Within this building, players will have the option to upgrade regen and max capacity. Players who already upgraded their energy facilities will automatically have this new building on their Lands with their progress intact, while new players will need to construct the new building with the required resources in order to use it.

We’re beyond thrilled to unleash the Social Island & the first version of DinoX on Mobile for you all and looking forward to your feedback! Thanks for your support DinoX Fam, we’ve got a lot happening behind the scenes and it’s nearly ready for the public. Stay tuned!

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