DinoX teams up with Gamestarter to venture into the Indie Game Marketplace

We’ve just teamed up with Gamestarter — the new standard for indie game funding by developing an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace.

Gamestarter is rooted in the gamer niche and designed to celebrate gaming. It is building an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace that lets people access in-game NFTs of the hottest indie games. ‍Gamestarter is built to empower both creators and gamers.

NFT-Based Marketplace

Through this partnership, the DinoX world of collectible, tradeable, and playable dinosaur NFTs will make its way over to the Gamestarter marketplace. Gamestarter will add liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to our amazing new world of NFT dinosaurs.

Gamestarter is an ideal partner for DinoX and this collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for both projects as Gamestarter allows users to sell in-game collectibles as liquid NFTs. Very soon our NFT dinosaurs will be roaming around and causing an uproar in the Gamestarter universe!

We are extremely excited about the Gamestarter partnership and believe it will be a ROARing success that will expand into future opportunities.

About DinoX
DinoX World is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dino kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

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About Gamestarter
Gamestarter lets indie games fundraise by selling digital game items as liquid NFTs. We add liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to the largest entertainment industry in the world.

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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