DINOX World Alpha — What to Expect on Day One

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Welcome to DINOX World Alpha!

With your Alpha Badge in hand and an army of dinos by your side, you’re ready to take on the world… DINOX World that is! Let’s go over some of the features that are available on day one and our plans to expand them throughout the Alpha testing phase and beyond.

Upon entering DINOX World Alpha, you’ll get your first glimpse of the map and your dino kingdom. As this is the earliest release of Alpha, the map is far from complete and your dino kingdom only has a few buildings. That being said, you’ll quickly find the dinosaur management building where you’ll be able to view all of your dinos, check their stats, equip action cards, and organize your team for combat.

Early Alpha map layout showing the dinosaur management building.

Need some additional dinos to fill out your team? No problem! You’ll be able to view and add the non-NFT “Starter” dinos to your entourage at no cost. They’re all in the dino management building so you can add them to your team and try them out on the battlefield!

Soon we will be distributing the stats and skills of player-owned dinos. Until then, all of the dinos in the game (including your personal dinos) will have preset stats and a few skills. After the distribution event, the in-game stats of player-owned dinos will reflect their real values which depend on the dino’s class and rarity. The skills will follow gradually, as each skill has a separate implementation in the game.

Now that you’ve got your dino army prepared for battle, head to the “Quick Battle” selection on the left side menu. Here you’ll face an AI opponent with a team of dinos already prepared and ready to fight. At first, it’ll be the same AI opponent and dino team each time, so you’ll get to try a variety of different strategies against the same foe. As you select and align your 3 fiercest warriors with the intent to take down the enemy, remembering which dinos are stronger against which may help you to victory.

In the later versions of Alpha, when selecting your dinos take note of their energy bar. This is a key component to keep your eyes on as each battle your dino participates in will expend some of its energy and dinos without energy are not able to fight. Although on day one of Alpha, your dinos won’t expend any energy in the battles so you’re free to deploy them as often as you’d like.

On day one of Alpha, there will only be one battle type available and it’s considered a proof of concept and technical prototype to test if every mechanic in the battle will work as designed. Later, we will expand to more AI opponents and battle mechanics as well as introduce tons of additional action cards to keep you on your toes against new attack variations.

We want to emphasize that this is DINOX World Alpha, a very early-stage first build of the game aimed at showcasing some of the mechanics but mainly for testing purposes. We will work very hard to improve animations and, more importantly, add a lot of new content to the game.

We’re planning to have regular updates that introduce tons of new mechanics, in-game items, action cards, visualization enhancements, and much more. Much of what has been mentioned in previous articles about the game will be implemented throughout Alpha testing, so there is a lot to look forward to!

We’ve created a specific discord group for all Alpha testers. You’ll need to provide proof of ownership of an Alpha Badge to get into the discord group, and there we’ll post detailed instructions on how to download and install the game. There will be designated channels for feedback, discussions, support, and information about the ongoing updates taking place.

We’re thrilled to have all of our testers start playing the Alpha release of DINOX World! If you missed out on getting an Alpha Badge, stay tuned to our channels below. There may be a giveaway coming (hint, hint)!




Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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