DINOX World Beta: What to Expect on Day 1

6 min readJan 17, 2022


Are you ready for DINOX World Beta? The time is very near so we wanted to take a deeper look into what features will be available upon the closed Beta release and what additions you can expect in the open Beta.

Full transparency here, although we are rolling out a bunch of features which you’ll see below, the game is still in its Beta Testing phase. That means we are still adjusting, rebalancing, polishing, testing, and gradually releasing all the features and mechanics of the game. All Beta players are actually helping us test the mechanics of DINOX World! This Beta release comes in two parts: Closed Beta and Open Beta.

The Closed Beta release is for everyone who has an Alpha Badge. If you recall, Alpha Badges were given away to a lucky 2000 holders who won them from the Alpha Staking pool as well as through our lotteries, contests, and giveaways. Currently, the only way to get them is to purchase them on OpenSea from people who are selling them.

The Alpha Badges give players a 2-week head start on everyone else in the Beta release, hence the name Closed Beta. During these 2 weeks, we will continue to balance and polish the game, making improvements and changes prior to the Open Beta launch.

Open Beta is as it sounds, the Beta release which is open for everyone to play! We appreciate all of you who are here with us early to help us test and create the best dinosaur-themed combat & strategy game ever, and even earn a bit along the way with our Play to Earn system!

Closed Beta: How to Play Instructions

In order to play DINOX World Beta, you need to follow a few steps outlined here:

  1. Firstly, go to our Portal and connect your wallet (use the wallet with your Alpha Badge and the dinos you want to play with).
  2. On the left-side menu, you’ll see “DINOX World”. Clicking here will bring you to an info page where you can register/login to your account and set your gaming wallet by clicking the “SET WALLET” button.
  3. Next click the “Approve Game Contract” button which will charge a one-time fee to allow in-game transactions like using Dino Snacks to gain energy, Building Bots to construct buildings, etc.
  4. Lastly, download the latest version of DINOX World Beta and start playing!

Closed Beta Day 1

From day 1 when Closed Beta goes live, the main gameplay mode is going to be the Encounters. These are a progressive timeline of battles against AI opponents which offer play-to-earn rewards in the form of NFT Resources, XP, and in-game consumables. In order to earn these rewards, you must have at least one NFT Dinosaur! (NOTE: In later developments of the game, there will be the chance to earn Action Cards and even Dino Eggs as rewards!)

The Encounters get harder and harder as you go along so it will be necessary to use your earned Resources to level up your dinos in order to beat the more difficult opponents. Having strong dinos is certainly a plus, but a big part of a winning strategy comes from the use of Action Cards, which are basically the skills/abilities of your dinos.

These Action Cards are acquired through purchasing Card Packs in our marketplace or from people selling them on the open market. Players do not need to own any Action Cards in order to play, however, they are very useful for defeating stronger opponents. (As previously mentioned, in later developments of the game they can occasionally be rewarded for winning battles).

All dinos, even common ones, have at least one “Dynamic Card Slot” which is where players can equip their Action Cards to their dinos. As the name suggests, these card slots are customizable, and depending on how diverse your deck of Action Cards is, the right ones can completely turn the tide in a battle! Some dinos, especially higher rarity ones, have “Static Skills” which are immovable Action Cards, randomly assigned to the dinos. They can not be changed or removed from the dino and stay with it even when sold or traded.

You can view all of your dinosaurs, even the “starter” dinos which are non-blockchain and have slightly weaker stats, in the “My Dinosaurs” side menu option. This is also where you can create and customize your teams for battle. Clicking on any specific dino here will bring up the details page where you can assign Action Cards from your deck, or even Level-up your dinos (with Liberation Crystals).


Now that your team of dinos is prepared and equipped with your strongest Action Cards, you’re ready to fight! For battles, there is an Energy System in DINOX World, where each battle uses energy according to the dino’s rarity used in a team (higher rarity = more energy consumed). A player must pay attention to their energy bar since once it’s depleted, they can’t fight anymore! You’ll need to consume some Dino Snacks to regain your energy for more battles!

As you go along defeating Encounters you’ll earn Resource rewards in the form of Dino Snacks (replenish energy), Building Bots (constructing & upgrading structures), or Liberation Crystals (leveling up dinos). We already mentioned how the Energy System works, so that covers Dino Snacks, but what about buildings? Let’s expand on that.

Players need Building Bots to construct and upgrade the buildings on their Island. Building Bots can be obtained from playing the game or they can be purchased on the open market from other players. In early Beta, the first buildings that can be constructed will help improve a player’s max energy and their energy regeneration speed.

Energy naturally regenerates overtime when a player isn’t battling opponents. Improving the speed at which that energy regenerates as well as increasing the maximum amount of energy a player can have will ensure that you can get back on the battlefield faster. Additional buildings will be implemented later on.

The music and sound effects in DINOX World are coming along nicely, with the help from our partners at Grand Beats. The Closed Beta will have some sounds implemented but not all of them. We’ll constantly be improving and implementing new effects both audio and visual as well. We’ll also continue to update the news feed with all of our latest articles regarding DINOX World, so players have a convenient way to keep learning about the game and enhancing their skill set!

Open Beta

The Open Beta release of DINOX World will have all the aforementioned things, plus a few extras that we’ve been working on. For example, the RPS damage system where carnivores have an advantage over herbivores, herbivores have an advantage over flying dinos, and flying dinos have an advantage over carnivores. This system adds strategy to assembling your dino team to fight against specific opponents.

We will continue to improve the battle mechanics, effect indicators, and sharpened graphics. We are aiming for an Open Beta release of some battle animations as well, however, this is a big undertaking and we’re somewhat of perfectionists here at DinoX, so we may spend more time on this to get it perfect first.


To quickly summarize, Closed Beta for all of our Alpha Badge holders will focus on defeating Encounters to earn rewards, then using those rewards to excel further in the game by leveling up your dinos and constructing buildings on your island. Since Resources are NFTs, they can be sold on the open market, thus creating an income source for players as well.

The Open Beta will be a more refined and balanced version of DINOX World which we hope you’re all going to enjoy, however, it’s important to remember that the “Beta” tag means we are still testing and perfecting the game! We will continue to upgrade and improve the game and roll out new features and gameplay modes all throughout Beta, so be ready for some epic DINOX World action!

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