DINOX World Play to Earn Mechanics

6 min readJan 13, 2022

DINOX World BETA release is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? Play to Earn benefits are on the way! Yes, that’s right, this highly anticipated BETA release will include Play to Earn rewards! So, not only will DINOX World be a fun dinosaur-themed combat and strategy game but it will also allow players to earn rewards just for playing!

So what are the rewards you can earn? Are they NFTs? Are they the DinoX Currency $DNXC? Well, the short answer is both! For the long answer, read on as we explore the Play to Earn mechanics of DINOX World.

A simplified breakdown of our play-to-earn system has two groups of earners — Players and Land Owners. The Players will earn rewards by defeating Encounters (rewards in NFTs & in-game items) and winning Tournaments (rewards in $DNXC, NFTs, and/or in-game items). The Land Owners will earn rewards through selling their Resource production (NFTs sold for $DNXC or other currency on the open market) and hosting their own Tournaments (earning $DNXC from player entry fees).

Let’s take a closer look at how the mechanics work.

Defeat Opponents to Earn Rewards!

One way that players will earn rewards is by defeating their opponents on the battlefield! Rewards from winning battles, called “Encounters”, come in the form of experience points (XP) and NFTs (Resources, Action Cards, or even Dino Eggs!). Of course, some rewards are more frequent than others.

For example, the most frequent NFT Resource rewards are the Dino Snacks — replenish energy so you can keep battling and defeating enemies. The second most frequent are the Building Bots — used for building & upgrading structures in your Dino Kingdom and by Land owners to host Tournaments. The least frequent Resource rewards are the Liberation Crystals — used for Leveling up your dinos and Breeding.

Getting Action Cards or Dino Eggs are pretty rare, but still, there’s always a chance you can get lucky to earn these coveted rewards! The Encounters Timeline screen below shows a player’s battle history as well as the next battles available and the rewards they’ll receive upon defeating those opponents. (The image is just an example for illustration purposes. It’s not an exact representation of in-game rewards or quantities.)

Encounters Battle Progression (image is for illustration purposes and is not actual in-game footage)

Battles get more and more difficult as you go through the Encounters, but the rewards increase as well! Therefore, leveling up your dinos to make them stronger becomes important as it will allow players to defeat the more powerful enemies.

Fighting battles also gives your dinos Experience Points (XP) which are needed to progress through the game and to unlock certain features or abilities like upgrading your dinos or buildings. XP is pegged to your NFT dinos, so even though it’s not an NFT-like reward tradeable on the open market, it does increase the overall worth of your dino since more XP means it may be closer to the next level up.

Own Lands to Produce Rewards

Lands are an essential part of DINOX World as they allow players to explore and expand the DinoX Metaverse (Dinoverse) and unlock many new components of the game. However, in terms of P2E benefits, Lands allow owners to build Resource factories that substantially increase the production of a Resource, which is a sellable NFT commodity.

Land Owners can choose the type of Resource factories they want to build on their property and then use these Resources to advance their dinos in the game. Owning Lands and boosting Resource production is a great way for players to level up their dinos and structures quickly, allowing them to earn higher rewards when fighting stronger opponents.

To build structures on their Lands or to organize Tournaments, owners will need Building Bots. These are obtained by playing the game or they can be purchased from players who sell them on the open market (i.e. OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces) or in our own Marketplace which will go live for P2P trading in Q1 this year. Excess Resources produced by Land owners can be sold back to the players, since they’re all NFTs, forming a natural ecosystem.

DINOX World Game Market Ecosystem: Players earn NFT rewards (Resources, Action Cards & Dino Eggs) for playing, Land owners buy Building Bots from players or from playing themselves so they can build Resource factories & organize tournaments, Land owners sell excess Resources back to the players. The dotted lines represent lesser rewarded Resources.

Since Liberation Crystals are the least rewarded Resource in the game from completing Encounters, one can imagine that these will be highly sought after, allowing Land owners to build factories for that resource and sell them for good returns.

Therefore, not only do players benefit from owning lands, but even non-players who produce and sell their Resources can also earn a profit. We will introduce more Land capabilities in the later stages of DINOX World. (You can read all about those in our article on the Benefits of Owning DinoX Lands)

Win Tournaments to Win Rewards

Assemble your strongest team of dinos, equip them with your best Action Cards, and battle it out in tournaments to win big rewards! In the beginning, tournaments will be hosted by DinoX and the rewards for winning them will be enlarged by our $DNXC reserves!

As with most tournaments, there will be an entry fee paid in $DNXC and the top winners will get a weighted share of the pot. As an added bonus, DinoX will embellish the pot with some of our reserve $DNXC tokens, making it even more worthwhile for tournament players!

DINOX World Tournaments: Players pay an entry fee in $DNXC and tournament winners receive $DNXC rewards. Also, Land owners use Building Bots to organize and host their own tournaments.

The tournaments themselves will have idle-style battles. Meaning that players will organize their team of dinos for combat and the AI will simulate the battle automatically. This allows our tournaments to happen quickly and more frequently, rewarding contestants along the way. Players can watch replays of their battles so they can readjust and optimize their team however they see fit in preparation for future tournaments.

We will host several tournaments each day, but players will have a “cool down” period after entering a tournament before they can enter another one. Additionally, there will be some special tournaments for specific prizes that might include Dino Eggs, prestigious Action Cards, or other coveted rewards.

As the BETA version of DINOX World progresses, we’ll unlock more varieties of tournaments, including ones hosted by Land owners (yep, another benefit of owning Lands!) and Guilds. These tournaments can have various conditions such as 1v1 battles where contestants pit just one dino against another in solo combat. On the other side of the spectrum, there can be large team battles where armies of dinos meet on the battlefield.

For those of you wondering about the fairness of the competition in our tournaments, there will be a “Power System” where players are scored by the strength of their dino teams (skills, rarity, DMG, HP, etc.). Tournaments will be organized by a min/max Power ranking so extremely strong teams will not be able to romp through weaker ones, and those less powerful teams can still be competitive in their tournament brackets.

As you can see, there are several ways to earn monetary rewards through playing DINOX World and even a way for non-players to earn as well (Land owners selling Resources).

Throughout BETA, we will work on balancing and adjusting the reward system in order to optimize player earnings and gaming mechanics. We intend to have higher rewards at the beginning of the DINOX World Beta release as a little reward for early adopters & players.

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