DINOX World Update (July 2022)

3 min readJul 25, 2022

In the following days, we will release our largest DINOX World update since the launch of Beta! This article outlines many of the awesome changes you can look forward to in the coming release.

⚔️ Turn-based combat
💥 New battle actions
👊 Progressive Action Cards
💰 In-game soft currency
🚶 Avatars

Introducing Turn-Based Combat

DINOX World is elevating the strategy needed to progress through the Encounters by making the battles more turn-based.

A coin toss for each lane determines who attacks first. The first attacker in each lane will switch back and forth for each subsequent round. For easy reference throughout the battle, there are two indicators for which dinosaurs attack first. One is a small half ring underneath the dinos themselves and the other is a thick outline on the dino’s health bar.

Learn more about the implementation of turn-based combat in the video below.
👉 https://bit.ly/3aujmMb

New Battle Actions

We’re introducing a couple of major updates to the actions a player can perform during the battles. First, players will be able to perform two actions each round instead of one. The robot “referee” will indicate how many actions a player has left in their turn with its eyes.

Second, we’ve added a new action where a player can swap the position of adjacent dinos on the battlefield. Therefore, players can now choose 2 actions each round from the following:

💥 Spawn a dino
💨 Despawn a dino
🔄 Swap positions of adjacent dinos

Check out this explainer video for more information.
👉 https://bit.ly/3O5yNYT

Action Card Changes

In the coming patch, we’ll introduce a gradual unlocking of Action Cards.

Instead of all your dino’s Action Cards being usable immediately, 1 static & 1 dynamic card will be unlocked for each round your dino is in combat. Once a dino’s cards are unlocked, they will remain unlocked for the remainder of that battle, even if you remove that dino from the battlefield.

When unlocked, the player still needs to perform the activation trigger on the card for it to take effect (i.e. enter battle, leave battle, on death, etc.). 💪

You can see this in action in the video below.
👉 https://bit.ly/3RwS9ZQ

Introducing Ancient Spice

Ancient Spice is a new soft currency in DINOX World that allows players to level up their non-NFT starter dinos without needing to use Liberation Crystals! Being a soft currency means it’s only earned and used in the game and isn’t tradeable on the open market.

Players will earn Ancient Spice by defeating their enemies in the Encounters mode. The ability to upgrade starter dinos without needing to use valuable NFT Liberation Crystals will allow players to create even stronger dino teams and progress further in the game!

Introducing Avatars

Avatars are coming to DINOX World in the next update! Initially, only for a visual presence but, in the near future, they’ll gain abilities & start impacting battles! Before the battle, players will be able to select their own Avatar (if they own one) or one of the starter Avatars.

Players will see their Avatar directing the shots on the battlefield, similar to the role of a dinosaur trainer helping their team defeat their opponent! We look forward to future Avatar implementations and can’t wait to see what winning strategies players come up with.

Here’s a first look at them in the game!
👉 https://bit.ly/3olXcyG

Get ready for the big update to DINOX World! It’s right around the corner.

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