$DNXC Single-Sided Staking Has Arrived

We’re proud to announce that our Single-Sided Staking Pools will launch tomorrow (Thursday, March 31st). Stake $DNXC, earn $DNXC! Our DinoX Fam community has been looking forward to a single-sided staking mechanism and we’re very excited to reward them with not 1, not 2, but 4 new staking pools! Let’s dive into the details of the new staking pools, their various % APY rewards, and how you can participate.

These new pools will be launched on the staking page of our own website portal. Users just need to connect their wallets by clicking the “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting either to continue with MetaMask (our recommended option) or Wallet Connect.

Once connected, users will see their $DNXC balance and will have the option to stake their tokens in any of the available staking pools. All pools are cross-chain compatible between ETH, BSC, and Polygon, so you can stake in these pools no matter which network you hold your tokens.

The 4 new single-sided staking pools are separated into 3 Fixed-Term Pools and 1 Flexible Pool (launching a couple of weeks after the Fixed-Term Pools).

Fixed-Term Pools

A Fixed-Term Pool means there is a lock-up period where the $DNXC staked can not be withdrawn. The longer the lock-up period, the higher the % APY rewards! In addition, these pools are only open for 20 days or until their $DNXC pool cap is reached — a fixed threshold cap on the total amount of $DNXC tokens in the pool.

90-Day Pool

  • 40% APY
  • Tokens are locked for 90 days
  • Pool closes after 20 days OR when it reaches the $DNXC pool cap of 3M $DNXC

180-Day Pool

  • 60% APY
  • Tokens are locked for 180 days
  • Pool closes after 20 days OR when it reaches the $DNXC pool cap of 2.5M $DNXC

360-Day Pool

  • 100% APY
  • Tokens are locked for 360 days
  • Pool closes after 20 days OR when it reaches the $DNXC pool cap of 2M $DNXC

As you can see, huge % APY gains are to be made depending on how long you choose to lock up your $DNXC tokens! Also, these locked pools are auto-compounding, which means the APY returns are automatically added to the staker’s total stake amount. However, the returns can be “claimed” at any time, which will remove the earnings from the pool and deposit them into the staker’s wallet.

Flexible Pool (launching in a couple of weeks)

A Flexible Pool means that the staker can withdraw their funds, compound their interest, or add more to their stake at any time. This pool has a variable % APY which will decrease depending on the amount of $DNXC staked. The more $DNXC in the pool, the lower the % APY. The Flexible Pool will also use auto-compounding as the previously mentioned pools.

Flexible Pool

  • Variable % APY depending on the amount of $DNXC in the pool
  • Tokens are not locked and can be withdrawn at any time
  • Pool has no $DNXC cap
  • Pool is open for 360 days & can be extended by the DinoX team if desired


All of the new single-sided staking pools have one unique feature — a BONUS for DNX NFT holders (dino eggs and/or dinosaurs)!

To enable the bonus, in the staking pool you will see a dropdown menu containing a list of your dinosaurs and dino eggs. You can then select 3 DNX for the bonus! Choose the highest rarity dinos for the best bonuses (outlined below) but make sure you select ones that you know you will not gift, transfer, or sell on the market, otherwise, the bonus will be canceled and in the Fixed-Term pools, you won’t be able to get the bonus back since they’re locked.

Based on the rarity of the dino, you will gain an additional $DNXC bonus to your staked amount as follows:

  • Mythical: 300 DNXC
  • Legendary: 200 DNXC
  • Rare: 150 DNXC
  • Uncommon: 120 DNXC
  • Common: 100 DNXC
  • Unhatched Egg: 130 DNXC
    *One can still hatch an unhatched egg even while using it for staking, however, the bonus will remain at 130 DNXC regardless of which rarity hatches from it.

So there you have it! Our Single-Sided Staking Pools are laid out and almost ready to go! We hope you all enjoy these massive % APY rewards!

Follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Telegram & Discord to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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