Exploring DINOX World Alpha (Part 1)

It’s almost time to play DINOX World! We heard the community loud and clear, and have been working around the clock to bring you the best dinosaur-themed NFT game ever. As we prepare to launch the alpha version of DINOX World, we’d like to introduce you to the core concepts and gameplay that will be available in the alpha release. This is the first of a 2-part series.


They’re not extinct anymore! You will be able to use your own dinos in Alpha! Just note that since this is Alpha, your stats won’t be recorded in blockchain so your dino’s progress won’t roll over to beta.

Don’t have your own Dino? No problem! We have a group of “Starter” dinos that are available for anyone to play with. These dinos have slightly less power and HP than common DinoX dinos, however, for gameplay and training purposes they are still very capable.

Overall, there are 6 different rarities of dinos, including the “Starter” rarity, each with its own in-game benefits which are reflected in the following chart:

In-game benefits for each rarity in DINOX World Alpha.

Essentially, the rarer the dino the better the stats. The Mythical dino is the rarest of them all and includes the highest HP/DMG, most skills, and most action card slots. In the graphic, the numbers 1–4 represent the number of skills each dino rarity can have and “D-0” to “D-3” represent the number of dynamic action card slots for each dino. All dinos will have 1 action card slot as can be seen with all green checkmarks in column “D-0”.

In addition to rarity, the family or species of each dino have some significance as well. Depending on which species of dino you have, they will fall into one of 4 main classes — Carnivore, Herbivore, Flying Reptile, or Neutral. There’s a simple RPS system of damage between the dino groups as seen in the following graphic:

RPS damage system between the 4 dino classes–Carnivore, Herbivore, Flying Reptile & Neutral.

To break it down, Carnivores are stronger against Flying Reptiles but weaker against Herbivores. Flying Reptiles are stronger against Herbivores but weaker against Carnivores. Herbivores are stronger against Carnivores but weaker against Flying Reptiles. The Neutral class for the non-NFT dinosaurs will have a flat % disadvantage versus all the other classes.

So, when engaging in battle, it’s good practice to pay attention to your dinosaur grouping and that of your opponent so you can strategize accordingly. Doing so will help you crush your enemy and power your way through the quests while maintaining the most HPs possible.


In the alpha version, action cards will be included. They work by equipping an action card to a dino’s empty dynamic slot. The action on the card is then added to your dino’s pool of skills.

As shown in the chart above, the number of action card slots will depend on your dino’s rarity. Don’t worry, every dino, including the Starter one, automatically comes with one action card slot. All Alpha Staking Pool participants have already received one action card which will help your dinos nicely in the early stages of Alpha.

Exclusive Action Card awarded to all Alpha Staking Pool participants

There are several types of action cards. Most of them are triggered automatically. For example Passive Action Cards: means that their effect is active at all times. There are also action cards that are only effective only when triggered, like when a player “spawns” or even when it “dies”.

The Alpha Badge will grant the player access to the Alpha and, in the future, will make the player eligible for additional perks. This feature will be introduced moving forward. The team is considering many ideas and concepts to implement in regards to the utility of the alpha badge. More on this as things are finalized.


One of the core stones of DINOX World is to make this game available for a casual audience and make it free to play. Therefore, we have prepared a group of dinosaurs that are non-blockchain, non-NFT and they exist only in the centralized MESA (MESA is what we call our centralized database and API provider containing everything that’s not decentralized or doesn’t exist in blockchain).

These “Starter” non-NFT dinosaurs can’t be traded, and you can own any number of them by earning them as rewards for playing. They will be helpful for you to create the team, as it’s expected that the majority of players won’t have any, or at least not a lot of DNX dinosaurs. These non-NFT dinosaurs have distinct visuals and are slightly weaker than common DNX dinosaurs.

​​Now you’re ready to gather your dino army and destroy anything in your path! You can prepare and set your action card deck along with organizing your dinos the way you want them in your Laboratory Complex building. Once set, you can continue your quest until BOOM, dino combat ensues!

Once you enter the battle, there is a preparation round. In this round, you are given 5 cards from your deck and are able to switch them around however you see fit. Once you have your deck set, you click the “ready” button and the battle begins!

Round 0 — in this round, you are able to prepare your frontline by spawning up to 3 dinos from your team. When you are happy with your fierce combatants, you can press “fight” and the first attack phase will proceed.

Dino Selection in Round 0 (Pre-Alpha footage)
Final Dino Selected in Round 0 (Pre-Alpha footage).

These attack phases happen between all of the rounds. In this phase, all of the dinos will attack each other in a specific pattern. This pattern is dino vs dino on the same row. If there is no dino in the opposite row, the dino without an opponent attacks the closest row containing a dino.

Dino Attack Phase (Pre-Alpha footage). NOTE: Attack animations are being prepared. More to come in Part 2.

Dinos in this phase exchange damage at the same time. Their remaining HPs will show once they have disengaged. When a dino dies (hopefully not yours), he transforms back into a spawn card and goes to the graveyard. If a dino is manually despawned or switched out of combat, his HP will not reset, but rather, when it’s spawned again the dino’s HPs will be the same as before.

After each dino has attacked, we proceed to Round 1. At the beginning of this round, the player automatically draws 1 card from the deck if available. In all rounds besides Round 0, the player is only able to do 1 action. It can be the use of a spawn card, the use of an ability card (ability cards are not yet available) or the action to despawn/switch a dino on the battleground.

The rounds of battle continue until all the dinos from one team are gone or have exhausted all their actions.


We will open the portal for every player to report bugs and actively play for some reward. Do not hesitate to contact DinoX and chat with us on our official telegram channel with any questions about the upcoming alpha version. We’re looking forward to the Alpha launch as much as the community and can’t wait to hear feedback from our valuable testers.

Please remember: The rewards in the alpha version won’t carry over to the final version of the game nor will they be registered on the blockchain when earned. We do not want to give alpha players a massive advantage over the whole community, the main reason we are releasing alpha is so we can test the game and get feedback to make improvements for the beta.

We will continue to push forward and work hard to make DINOX World fun, entertaining, and rewarding for all players! Stay tuned for more in-depth information about leveling up your dinos, the economics of the game, more on battle dynamics, more Alpha footage, and other features in the Alpha release in Part 2.

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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