Exploring DINOX World Alpha (Part 2)

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The DINOX World Alpha release is just days away now… are you excited to play? We sure are! So let’s not keep you waiting any longer and get right into Part 2 of our Explore DINOX World Alpha series! Here we’ll cover dino stats & skills, leveling up your dinos & dino kingdom, and touch on the economics & rewards system in place. And of course, some early Alpha Game Footage! Let’s begin!


Hoping your Ankylosaurus is tanky? Or that you’ve got a high-damage dealing Torvosaurus? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll explain the different stats and skills of the dinos in DINOX World Alpha.

Every dino has base stats (HP and DMG) that vary depending on the rarity and class of the dino. It’s very rare that two dinos, even two of the same species, rarity, and class, will have the exact same base stats as there will be slight variations (just a few HPs or DMG points) that occur randomly.

In general, Herbivores are tankier and have a higher base HP. Carnivores are predators, so they have stronger base attack damage. Flying Reptiles are evasive and agile, increasing their chances to dodge. They also attack from above, so their base critical hit percentages are increased as well.

We’ve recently updated the RPS dynamics between the different dino classes. Our DinoX Fam agreed that it should be adjusted so that Carnivores were indeed more powerful against Herbivores. Since Herbivores will naturally have more base HP, the balance is still intact!

Dinos have Static Skills and Dynamic Action Card slots. Static skills (represented as 1–4 in the graphic below) are essentially action cards that have been randomly distributed to each dino and can not be changed or moved around. Starter dinos will not have any static skills to start with, while Common dinos will have a 5% chance at starting with a static skill. The more rare your dino is, the more skills it will have.

Dynamic Action Card slots (represented as D-0 to D-3 in the graphic below) are interchangeable, meaning you can place any of your action cards there and create strategic and unique combinations to optimize your dino’s battle performance. All dinos, even the non-DNX “Starter” ones, have at least one dynamic action card slot. The percentages in the graphic represent the chance of having an additional Action Card slot.

The Action Cards themselves have the same 3 class distinctions as the dinos — Herbivore, Carnivore, Flying Reptiles. Does that mean only an Herbivore dino can use an Herbivore Action Card? No. In fact, any dino can use any action card regardless of the class distinction. However, equipping your dino with Action Cards that match its class distinction will give bonuses that will upgrade the strength of these skills. Therefore, it’s advantageous to try and match them, but not necessary to play.

NOTE: The class distinction, skills, and base stats of the dinos will be enabled in the coming days! Once activated, you’ll be able to see them in the My Collection section of our Portal.

Throughout Alpha, we will test and balance all aspects of the gameplay. We’ll also be creating new Action Cards to provide lots of variety and strategy within DINOX World.


What’s better than owning your very own Dino? Leveling your Dino up! But, how the heck does this work? Well, let’s take a look… You see, every dino gets two stat points from winning battles. Stat points will be hugely important to leveling up the dino. They are written into MESA (centralized database for additional metadata) after the battle finishes.

As players progress through the game, they will earn rewards from battling AI enemies and reaching checkpoints. These rewards come in various forms. One of these is dino XP, which helps you level up your dino making it stronger and tankier. Dinos gain XP in two ways. Firstly, your dino will gain 1 point of XP for every action (turn) the dino takes in the battle. If it wasn’t used in the battle and was just in the deck the whole time, the dino won’t get any XP.

The second way to gain XP is by the number of battles the dino engages in. To gain this XP, the dino needs to survive at least 3 complete turns in a battle while being an active participant. For example, every time a dino gets at least +3 XP in the battle, he also gets +1 XP for the whole battle itself.

In addition to XP, you’ll also earn resources as rewards for reaching checkpoints. These resources can be used for upgrading & breeding your dinos, boosting dino energy, and building your dino kingdom. In Alpha, the first resources we will introduce are the “Liberation Crystals”, “Dino Snacks”, and “Building Bots”. They are DNXI assets, however, they are not going to be distributed on the blockchain during Alpha testing. In fact, as stated previously, nothing is recorded in the blockchain during Alpha, so the same goes for all upgrades.

The Liberation Crystals, in tandem with DNXC (not needed in Alpha, but will be needed in beta and beyond) and XP, are used for upgrading (and later also for breeding) your dinos. Once the dino reaches the threshold needed, he can be leveled up in the Laboratory Complex in the game. This is also the same place you can adjust your action cards and check the stats of your dino collection. Leveling up will take more and more XP, DNXC, and Liberation Crystals each subsequent level you reach.

Dino Snacks are used to boost the energy of your dinos for battling. Think of them like Popeye’s cans of spinach! The Building Bot resource allows you to build and upgrade your dino kingdom. Throughout Alpha testing, we will release additional features including these two resources so you’ll be able to test build an exciting dino kingdom of your dreams! We were asked if there is a map to explore and expand your dino kingdom? There will be. It will also be added later as part of the metagame expansions before beta launches.


We know you came here mostly for information about Alpha, but of course we want you to see some of the earliest in-game footage first hand! So let’s start by entering DINOX World!

You can see different menu options on the left side. The “Island” is your dino kingdom! The main place where you strategize, upgrade, train, and assemble your dino teams for battle. You can see a few different buildings above which are for demonstration purposes. In the actual game, there are many more buildings!

We highlight the “Dinosaurs” building which, no surprise here, hosts your dinos! Entering the building, you can see all of the dinos you have in your army and can equip them with Action Cards to set up for your next battle.

Once you have assembled your dino team and they are battle-ready, you can head the the “Battles” stage on the left side menu.

For demonstration purposes, we’ll go to a “Quick Match”. Here, you’ll see an enemy team ready for combat and you’ll click and drag your dinos to their fighting positions. Remember, knowledge of which dino is stronger against which can play into your strategy here.

When you’re ready, the dino battle can begin. Let’s watch!

As the battle ensues and you can see your dinos going head-to-head with the enemy. They’ll attack simultaneously. The numbers underneath the dinos represent their HP (on the left) and base damage (on the right).

This demo shows the basics of the battle dynamics in the early Alpha release. Visuals and mechanics will constantly be upgraded throughout Alpha testing so it’ll get more and more polished as time goes on.


In Alpha, we will be testing the economic model and expect to tweak it here and there as we gain feedback from our testers. Remember, no in-game rewards will roll over to Beta so anything earned while playing Alpha is just for fun and for testing purposes.

Players will be able to earn a variety of rewards by playing DINOX World. These rewards are part of the game’s play-to-earn economics. As players defeat enemies and progress through the game they’ll earn Resources. One can select a specific type of resource as their preferred type in order to maximize the profit in the resource of their choice.

Each resource plays an important role in the game, so you will need all of them for a well-rounded gaming experience but it’ll also take strategy to figure out which resource to prioritize and collect the most of for optimal performance. Also, all resources are erc1155 DNXI assets and will be able to be bought, sold, and traded on various marketplaces (after Alpha).

Another important feature of the economics of DINOX World is the in-flow of DNXC tokens into the game treasury. (REMINDER: DNXC tokens are not used in Alpha) In Beta and beyond, there are going to be many features inside the game that will need the use of this token for either buying or upgrading different entities.

The outflow of DNXC back to the user will then be done via specific battles and tournament-style combat. Primary actions and certain game features will only be available while having DNX dinosaurs and using them in these specific game modes.

More about game economics will be explained in future articles before the launch of Beta.

That’s it for Part 2! We are very excited to bring you guys the first look at DINOX World Alpha and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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