HODL-to-Buy Land Sale on August 30, 2022!

4 min readAug 4, 2022

DinoX Fam, the time has come to have our HODL-to-Buy Land Sale for all of the whitelisted accounts! On August 30th, we’re hosting the Land sale on our website’s shop. This comes on the precipice of releasing our highly anticipated DINOX World Map and we wanted to give our HODLers their shot at purchasing Land Tickets so they can participate in claiming Lands on the map as soon as it goes live!

The World Map release and Land claiming will happen in conjunction with our Land Sale! Mark your calendars, DinoX Lands and World Map are almost here! Regarding the Land Sale, let’s dive into more details.

Who can participate?

Calling all HODL-to-Buy whitelisters, this sale is for you! Don’t remember if you’re on the HODL-to-Buy whitelist? No problem, search for your wallet address in this sheet! https://bit.ly/3gPyRxw

There you’ll also find which rarity of Lands you qualify to purchase.

When & Where to buy Land Tickets?

The sale starts on August 30th at 12:00 UTC and goes until 12:00 UTC on September 30th! So our HODLers have a month to get their Land Tickets! The sale will take place on our DinoX shop.

How to buy Land Tickets?

  1. Simply log into your account on our website portal using the same wallet address that is whitelisted.
  2. Then visit the DinoX shop on our website and you’ll see the Land Tickets for sale right there! NOTE: You’ll only be able to purchase the Land Tickets for the rarities you qualify for on the HODL-to-Buy whitelist.
  3. Select the Land Ticket(s) you want to buy and purchase them with $DNXC or the Stable Coin of your choice (BUSD, USDT, USD). Our shop is cross-chain compatible so that you can purchase with stablecoins hosted on ETH, BSC, or Polygon networks.
  4. Once you purchase your Land Tickets, you’re ready to claim them on the World Map once that is released!

Why Stable Coins? Is there some DNXC buy-back or burn?

We’ve chosen to hold this sale in $DNXC & Stable Coins (BUSD, USDT, USD) due to the current market conditions being not very ideal. In doing so, we’ve created a lock-box burn mechanism that will use 100% of the funds raised to buy back and lock up $DNXC.

This is very similar to a token burn, but instead of decreasing the total supply, this will take $DNXC out of the circulating supply and place it in a locked wallet. This wallet is sealed via smart contracts and locked forever. We’re essentially locking the tokens and throwing away the key! The initial plan is to do a monthly buy-back at the end of each month, buying $DNXC at market value.

In addition, we are still offering extensive discounts on this sale for our $DNXC Holders (as outlined below).

What discounts are offered to $DNXC Holders?

We have some excellent discounts for those who hold certain amounts of $DNXC in their wallets. They are as follows:

  • 20K+ DNXC = 30% OFF
  • 10K — 20K DNXC = 25% OFF
  • 5001–10K DNXC = 20% OFF
  • 2501–5000 DNXC = 15% OFF
  • 500–2500 DNXC = 10% OFF

A new snapshot will be taken before the sale opens so be sure to have your $DNXC in the whitelisted wallet to take advantage of the big discounts! $DNXC in DinoX official staking pools from our Portal as well as on any of the 3 supported chains will count. Only $DNXC in LP farms won’t be viable for the snapshot.

What to do with the Land Tickets?

Once you own a DinoX Land Ticket(s) you’ll be ready to claim actual Lands on the World Map. The World Map launched on August 9th, so you’ll be able to purchase Land Tickets and exchange them for Lands anytime!

Similar to the Land Tickets, the Lands are also NFTs on Polygon meaning you can buy or sell them on the open market and soon on our own P2P marketplace! However, as an extra bonus for those who keep their lands, we’ll open a Land NFT Staking Pool which will provide lucrative rewards for staking your Land NFTs. More on that in a later article!

TLDR: Give me the bullet points!

  • HODL-to-Buy Land Sale on Aug. 30th on our DinoX Shop!
  • Only for those on the HODL-to-Buy whitelist
  • Purchase with $DNXC or Stable Coins (BUSD, USDT, USD) on any of the 3 networks we support (ETH, BSC, Polygon)
  • Big discounts for $DNXC HODLers
  • All proceeds are used to buy back and lock up $DNXC, reducing the circulating supply of the token

There you have it, a full rundown of the upcoming DinoX Land Sale. Up next will be more info about the DinoX World Map and Land Claiming so stay tuned for that!

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