Important Announcement

We’ve got a huge announcement today! Due to massive interest from the community and investors alike, we have decided to reshape the DinoX project to focus on delivering a top-notch DinoX ecosystem with vast potential (NFT collectibles, games, apps, etc.) and release an ERC-20 token (DNXC) that will be the foundation of the project. Let’s dive into more details about the restructure of DinoX.

The introduction of our ERC-20 token (DNXC) means that the DinoX NFT presale will be done a little differently and postponed about a month or so, giving the team enough time to have everything 100% ready to go. Don’t worry, all of the aspects of the DinoX NFT dinosaurs that created the hype in the first place will remain intact! The only change is how to purchase these awesome dino NFTs.

This is where our ERC-20 token (DNXC) comes into play. DNXC will act as the currency of the DinoX project and will be used for full interaction with the DinoX ecosystem, including the purchase of our NFT dinos and dino eggs. We will hold a token sale where you can purchase DNXC which can then be used to buy DinoX NFTs. The full tokenomics and DinoX whitepaper will be released very soon as well as the dates of our upcoming DNXC token sale.

For our early community members, we have something special in the works for you! We believe that the DinoX community is going to have a big impact on all aspects of the project and want to reward those who began the journey with us. More details on that will be announced soon.

This new direction opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the project and we hope you are just as excited as we are about the future of DinoX! Stay tuned, lots more details are coming soon.



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