Introducing the DINOX World Referral Program

3 min readJan 31, 2022

Open Beta is almost here! As a part of the launch, we’re introducing the DINOX World Referral Program which will go live with the Beta release!

Our Referral Program rewards players for referring their friends to play DINOX World. This program is designed as a win-win for everyone involved! By referring your friends, you and your friends both get rewarded! As an added bonus, you are also helping to grow the DINOX World player base and economy. The more players, the better the economic model works and more earnings for all.

For our game economics to function at the highest level, we want to grow our community with actual players. Therefore, referred friends must win at least 10 battles in order to count as a successful referral!

We wanted this referral program to be as straightforward as possible, so the process to refer your friends is pretty simple. First, anyone who registers to play DINOX World will have both a “referral link” and a “referral code” in their profile under the “REFERRAL” tab.

When you send the referral link and the person clicks on it, they will automatically go to the game registration page with your referral code already input in the referral code space. In case you’d rather not send a link, you’ll also have a referral code that you can give to your friends and they can use that to register also. Pretty easy, right?

To track their referral progress, players will be able to see two numbers in their referral count: 1) The number of players who have registered using their referral code. 2) The number of players who have successfully won their first battle. Remember that only the number of referrals who have won 10 battles or more count towards the rewards!

Speaking of rewards, both the person referring their friends and the friends who use someone’s referral code get rewards (once they complete the stipulation of winning at least one battle, of course)! The rewards for referring your friends are grouped into tiers and are as follows:

Tier 1 — Refer 3 friends & get 3 Dino Snack Resources

Tier 2 — Refer 5 friends & get 2 Building Bot Resources

Tier 3 — Refer 10 friends & get 1 Liberation Crystal Resource

Tier 4 — Refer 20 friends & get a Small Card Pack (2 Action Cards + Resources)

Tier 5 — Refer 50 friends & the first 100 to reach this tier will get a Gen 1 Dino Egg. After, all others will get a Regular Card Pack (4 Action Cards + Resources)

Tier 6 — Refer 100+ friends & get entered into a lottery to win 3x Legendary Lands

NOTE: Rewards for the first 4 tiers are sent automatically after the requirements are fulfilled. Tier 5 Gen 1 Eggs will be sent in 1 batch once the 100 players reach this tier. The Lottery for tier 6 will be held after the referral campaign period is over.

Everyone who registers using a referral code and wins 10 battles will receive 1 Dino Snack Resource! For players who are already registered, you’ll still be able to see your referral code so you can send it to others, however, you will not be able to use someone else’s referral code since you have already registered.

We hope you all enjoy playing DINOX World and earning some rewards in the process! The Referral Program is our way of thanking you for expanding the Dinoverse and helping DINOX World become a major success!

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