Land Claiming & World Map Release

4 min readAug 8, 2022

Our DinoX World Map is in the final stages of development and will be released on August 9th, 2022! On the very same day, you’ll be able to redeem your Land Tickets for actual plots of Land on the map.

Haven’t gotten Land Tickets yet? No problem, find out how to get Land Tickets also on August 9th in our own Land Sale!

For those who already have Land Tickets, let’s explore just how the Land Claiming process will work and what you can do with the interactive World Map.


The claiming process is pretty straightforward. You log into your account on our website and redeem your Land Ticket NFTs for plots of Land on the World Map. You get to choose the location on the map where you want your Lands! Each Land rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and mythic) is designated on the map, so you can easily see which Lands you can pick that match the same rarity of your Land Tickets.

Once you’ve redeemed your Land Tickets and claimed your plots of Land, you’ll receive Land NFTs on Polygon which you are able to buy and sell on the open market or on our P2P marketplace once that goes live. However, holding on to your Land NFTs allows you to stake them in the near future and receive some rewards! More details on this will be unveiled at a later time.

Interactive Map

The World Map itself is interactive. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, turn the map, and even filter it by rarity, size, or owned/unowned Lands. Clicking on a plot of Land displays its details, including the owners’ “username” if already owned. That’s right, you’ll get to create a custom username to show ownership of your Lands!

Additional details will include the valuable resources found in this plot of Land and, later on, info about the Encounters & Tournaments that have been hosted there. Stay tuned for those awesome features that will create entertaining and potentially lucrative new opportunities for DinoX Landowners.

The map has various landscapes and terrain where you can choose to claim your Lands. These are only visual differences and they don’t affect the resources or functionality of the Lands themselves. That is solely based on the rarity of the Lands. The higher the rarity, the more resources, buildings, and features your Lands can have.

That being said, the visual aspect of the Lands are pretty impressive in their own right. Say you find a nice plot of Land on the coast, it’ll have a beach-like visual representation. Or head to the mountains for a cottage in the forest vibe. The Map offers a lot of variety as each plot of Land is uniquely generated and no two Lands look the same!

Initial Land Usage

It’s important to note that the initial Land usage is far from its final state! Right out of the gate, Land owners will be able to view their Lands and meet their neighbors by scrolling to other players’ Lands as well. A little later on, owners will be able to build resource factories and other buildings that help them progress in the game or earn some money from selling resources on the open market.

In later stages, Lands will have much more utility including the ability to host tournaments and earn $DNXC for doing so and earn in-game assets for Encounters held on a player’s property. Also, Lands will become more social with ways to communicate with one another. Players can show off their dinos and other NFTs and even invite other players for a visit. Lands can also be a gathering point for Guilds to chat and strategize future endeavors. These features and much more are planned along with the release of Adventure Mode and the full release of DINOX World!

Now that you know how to claim DinoX Lands and what to do with them, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on them in our aforementioned Land Sale also happening on Aug. 9th! Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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