Thank You DinoX Community For An Amazing 2021

What a year it has been! Thank you to the entire DinoX Fam community for helping us achieve all of the successes and milestones that we’ve accomplished so far. None of it would have been possible without the support and feedback from our strong and loyal community.

DinoX was born out of the desire to create a fun, new way to interact with NFT collectibles while also fulfilling our inner child’s dream of owning our very own dinosaurs. Our team combined has decades of experience, is passionate about games, and is working hard to deliver a top-tier, play-to-earn gaming experience. Players will not only enjoy DINOX World for a long time but also be able to earn significant monetary rewards just by playing!

The DinoX Fam has shown us that we aren’t alone in our excitement for this project! DinoX was the most successful token launch of July 2021. Staking for Gen 0 eggs filled up in less than a week and Gen 1 eggs were gone within 48 hours. Our devoted community is more than 170k strong via our social channels and is rapidly expanding.

We wanted to get players involved with our game from the very beginning to help form and develop it with us. Thus, we provided the opportunity to test DINOX World Alpha. With Alpha testers racking up over 20,000 hours and nearly 50,000 battles, their valuable feedback has been incredible and already aided in shaping the BETA version of DINOX World.

A core feature of the game is to have players interact with one another. Providing them a chance to meet, chat, battle, and explore different territories as well as drive the economy of our gaming Dinoverse, we introduced Lands.

Benefits of Owning DinoX Lands

Talk of our recent Land sales has spread far and wide. The first two were massive, with the Rare Lands selling out on Gamestarter in a few hours and the higher rarity Lands on NFTb gone in just minutes! In fact, the highest tier of Lands (containing Mythic Land) sold out in just 10 seconds! Our Land Staking pool has more than 6 Million $DNXC staked as well and we are blown away by the immense interest and support from our community!

“The DinoX community of supporters, traders, investors, HODLers, testers, and players have really taken DinoX to the next level! It’s amazing to see such an active and loyal fanbase help create the foundation of our project and propel us forward. We are just getting started!”

- Filip Tomaska, Co-Founder & CEO of DinoX

Just getting started is right! There is so much happening at the beginning of January 2022, including the highly anticipated Land sale on our own Portal as well as a few Land sales on other platforms, Gen 1 Hatching Event, and of course, the DINOX World BETA launch with P2E benefits implemented!

There is much to look forward to past January of next year as well with P2P trading enabled in our Marketplace, some huge Website upgrades, and Breeding all coming up soon! We will also have our Avatar Sale where players can grab Avatars which will have some in-game advantages and add utility to their team of dinos.

Speaking of gameplay, a new “Adventure Mode” is in the works for DINOX World! Roam around the map, visit various lands owned by other players, compete in tournaments, and encounter different dinos & creatures. Our Co-Founder & CTO had this to say about the developments coming next year:

“I’m looking forward to 2022 as it will be the most important year for DinoX. The full game will launch and be open to everyone. DINOX World will be hosted on a huge, well-known marketplace gaining access to a wide audience. The game and project as a whole will grow in features as we implement the constructive feedback from our Alpha testers and community. It will be challenging, but it was challenging for this year too… Let’s see what the new year will bring!”

- Tomas Husar, Co-Founder & CTO of DinoX

As you can tell, we are very excited for 2022 and to share all the developments coming up! Thank you DinoX Fam for an amazing year in 2021 and we’re looking forward to an even better one next year!

Follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Telegram & Discord to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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Multiplayer Metaverse Game – Dinosaurs and Adventurers

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