The Future of DinoX Avatars

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DinoX Avatars are about to enter the Dinoverse! Their integration into DINOX World will happen in 3 phases. In this article, we will explore the phases of implementation as well as the functionality that Avatars will have in DINOX World!

Phase 1

The first phase is the Avatar Capsule Opening Event, followed by their introduction to DINOX World’s Encounters gameplay mode with limited functionality. Our Avatar Capsule Opening Event will take place in the next few weeks on our Portal and will be similar to the hatching events we’ve held in the past. This is where owners will get to open their Avatar Capsules and discover which Avatar was hiding inside. Here’s a sneak peek at just a few!

Various DinoX Avatars

Our DinoX graphic designers worked their magic on the Avatars and took inspiration from celebrities, movies, anime, and more for the amazing artwork that went into each and every one. Avatar Capsules behold a random persona inside, and we can’t wait to see which ones are unveiled when the Capsule Opening Event takes place in a few weeks! Check out a few more below:

DinoX Avatars inspired by celebrities & movies

Avatars in phase 1 will only have a visual impact in DINOX World. Anyone with an Avatar can showcase it as their profile picture and see them on the battlefield. Also, there will be starter Avatars (non-NFT) which are available for everyone and are more generic, lacking Passive or Active Abilities in the next phases when compared to NFT Avatars (also referred to as Premium Avatars). Remember, all Avatars in phase 1 are only a visual presence and won’t have any additional functionality, but read on for phase 2!

Phase 2

In this phase, Avatars gain their initial abilities! After the Avatars have established their visual presence in the Encounters gameplay mode, the select passive & active abilities of each Premium Avatar will emerge. To refresh your memory, the type of abilities an Avatar has depends on its rarity, which is broken down as follows:

Important note: The non-NFT starter Avatars will not have any passive or active abilities, however, they will have one open card slot for a temporary ability (more on those in phase 3).

With only 3500 Avatars in total, all are coveted acquisitions in DINOX World, but for those of you who want the statistics on exactly how many of each rarity there are, the info is as follows:

Common - 48% (1680 Avatars)
Uncommon - 33% (1155 Avatars)
Rare - 15% (525 Avatars)
Legendary - 3% (105 Avatars)
Mythic - 1% (35 Avatars)

Phase 2’s Avatar abilities are the first taste of the complex system prepared for DinoX Avatars. While still with limited functionality, players get to see how Avatars can influence a battle and will add a whole new dynamic to the Encounters gameplay, accelerating a player’s ascension to the highest levels!

In addition, it may encourage players to go out and get their hands on their own Avatars so they too can excel through even the toughest Encounters! More opportunities to grab some are on the way. If you think these features sound cool, read on to phase 3!

Phase 3

All the features you’ve heard about for DinoX Avatars will come to fruition once we release Adventure Mode! Avatars will have full functionality — including passive, active, & temporary abilities — and players can hone in their strategies utilizing not only their Dinos & Action Cards but also Avatar abilities to decimate their foes on the battlefield!

Temporary abilities are going to be very interesting in the strategy of DINOX World players. One will be able to obtain these Temporary Avatar ability cards through playing Encounters & Adventure Mode or via our Marketplace or on third-party NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, and also players can make them in a new type of factory building.

Each card is an NFT itself (similar to Action Cards), meaning that players can trade, buy, or sell them as they want! One main difference between these temporary ability cards and other Action Cards is that the temporary ability cards are considered “consumable” meaning that after a few uses (depending on the ability card) they will no longer function and will be burned.

We are extremely excited to introduce our avid DINOX World players to the Adventure Mode, which is an open world to explore with danger and excitement lurking around every corner! However, with the addition of Avatars, players will have an advantage over all their enemies!

In fact, we will expand the Avatar experience even further after Adventure Mode is out with the addition of Avatar Customizations. This will include equipping accessories (think sunglasses, hats, capes, sneakers, etc.) that will give your Avatar an even more unique look!

Stay tuned for more info about how to get your hands on these awesome DinoX Avatars, as well as all the information you want to know about DinoX!

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