Tokensaurus! — Explaining the three different tokens within DinoX

With the DinoX public sale around the corner we would like to take some time to explain how our various assets, tokenomics , and tokens (DNX, DNXC, & DNXI) will work cohesively to form the DinoX Universe.


The DNX token is an ERC 721 token deployed on Ethereum. It is what’s commonly known as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and is the foundation of DinoX as both collectible dinosaurs and playable characters.

All DNX tokens begin as mysterious unhatched eggs with traits that hint at the dinosaur’s characteristics without giving away the dinosaur that hatches from it. Owners can choose to hatch their eggs and find out what awesome dinosaur is hiding inside, or keep them in their egg form to build suspense and even sell them in either form (egg or dino) on the open market.

DNX dinosaurs will have some traits written in blockchain and some data tied to them. Traits, such as sizing, rarity, birthday, species as well as some in-game achievements will differentiate each character. Each DNX is unique on it’s own but with the ability to breed dinos together, you’ll have a chance to make some truly one-of-a-kind dinosaurs that would have never normally existed


DNXC is a standard ERC20 token which will be used for interactions within the DinoX game and platform. In the game, DNXC will be required for many actions, such as hatching your eggs and breeding your dinosaurs. On the platform, the DNXC token serves as a utility for staking, you’ll have the ability to stake your tokens to earn DNX or DNXI as rewards depending on the pool you stake in! Further to this, the DNX provides community ownership in the form of governance and voting on ecosystem changes. Lastly, DNXC tokens are used to bid on special NFTs on the DinoX marketplace, purchasing of dino eggs (DNX), dino items (DNXI) and even merchandise. DNXC will be listed on several exchanges which will be announced very soon.


DNXI tokens are ERC 721 layer 2 tokens to be used as a progression within the game and ecosystem of DinoX. These tokens exist on the Polygon Network to reduce the gas costs from frequent usage. DNXI could range from character equipment to upgrades on different aspects of your game, such as islands, facility enhancements, or your dinosaurs (DNX) themselves.

The relations between DNX and DNXI are held by centralized storage and DinoX API, creating a wonderful ecosystem where all assets function together. Using DNXI tokens to upgrade your dinos can make them stronger, faster, smarter as well as make them look even cooler with some unique accessories.

About DinoX

DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dino kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

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