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“We’ve been hard at work for the past few months on DinoX and now we’re excited to share details and answer any questions you have!” — Filip Tomaska, DinoX CEO

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who joined in on DinoX’s first LIVE discord AMA! Be sure to join our discord to join the future AMAs! Everyone there, received alpha access to the game. who knows what they will get next!

What is DinoX doing for its community that no other projects are doing? tothemooncrypto#3571

There are so many projects out there, so it is impossible to track what each project is doing to have a well-defined comparison. What we are doing here, to the best of our abilities, is creating a thriving and healthy community, where we can all work together, learn from each other, engage in discussions, and share ideas. We have common engagement activities within the community, ranging from weekly events such as movie nights, jigsaw puzzles, and some less common events such as the DinoX encrypted puzzle, where our CTO created a picture, within the picture, the private keys of a wallet that contained 0.5 ETH and a Dino Egg. We are trying to create an environment that people want to be a part of.

I would like to know what are the utilities of $DNXC in the game?markst20#9133

You can think of DNXC tokens as the currency used for the game. It will be used everywhere, where users are going to be buying coins or selling coins within the in-game shop, or marketplace. On the other hand, it’s a currency which you will be earning as one of the possible rewards for playing the games for example; after a successful fight.

Do you have a system of utility already designed for $ DNXC so that holders can trade all their tokens easily?

The token will be launched soon, but before the launch of the game, we will release the first feature of the ecosystem, which is the staking features. It’s a place where you can put your tokens in return for DNX eggs or DNXI items.

What differentiates DinoX from other play-to-earn, so that the game is attractive and attracts many players?

The theme of dinosaurs is very attractive and not just because of collectible features. Most of us would love to own a T-Rex in the collection. Besides this, we have a very strong team of designers, artists, and coders with loads of experience in game development. When we started working on DinoX World, we realized all the games under the label “played to earn” are made by blockchain enthusiasts trying to make a game. We chose a different approach, we want to have a good game, with good balance and attractive artwork.

Why did you choose the Ethereum network and the polygon network for DinoX?

Ethereum was chosen as its most used chain, with a well-tested codebase. It’s the easiest to understand and the ecosystem around it is full of services and projects which can help our project too (DEXs, marketplaces, etc.). Polygon was chosen because it works perfectly parallelly with Ethereum and we can utilize their low-cost transaction for the high-quantity items that we call “DNXI”.

Do you plan to add your game to another type of blockchain?

We will make sure our assets are usable on other chains outside our ecosystem too. We are already working and discussing collaboration with a few other companies. Solutions can be provided through that, but that comes later.

What strategies will the team use to attract new players who are outside the blockchain tech games and don’t understand about NFTs? Brasil#1

The game itself is made in a way that the player doesn’t need to know anything about the blockchain to be able to play. We will list the game on steam and phone app stores. Only if the player wants, he or she will be able to explore and use the player’s dashboard to connect his account to the blockchain. Mostly it will pop out as an option when the player decides to buy or sell DINOX on the marketplace.

Will DinoX have its own marketplace?

Yes, DinoX will have its marketplace which will be available when we launch our token on the exchanges. Users will be able to buy, sell, exchange, and auction DNX (eggs or hatched dinosaurs) which they receive from staking of DNXC tokens for a specific period, or that they have acquired from breeding or playing the game. Additionally, users will be able to buy, sell, exchange and auction DNXI (special in-game items) which they receive from staking DNXC or playing the game.

Is DinoX a player versus player game, or will players also be able to play your game solo?

We are designing the game so it’s player vs everything (PVE) heavy. Most of the time, the player will be playing against an AI so we can be sure of fairness and good balance. The player vs player (PVP) feature will be more of a fun and optional feature, where you won’t be getting as many rewards as in PVE. We will have short quests and longer quests with rewards, for example: “Play three PVP fights” without a need for a victory.

How do you stand out among so many games released lately?

I believe some of our core features revolve around consistency, theme, art, and balance, these are the aspects that will make us stand out. I think if we show that we are not scared of this market and that we can deliver what we say we can, it will bring enough attention.

When the game goes live, will the community events continue?sangsangsom#5380

Yes! DinoX is not just a game, it’s a community and ecosystem. Our community is extremely valuable to us, and we are all about engagement. They will continue for a long time!

Do you have a plan to make the assets interesting for investors and collectors to hold and trade but keep it affordable for everybody to play the game? Is there a way to start playing the game for free? BarryBoos#4939

We have some options to handle issues like inflation, or high entry prices, but I wouldn’t like to talk about those unless we are facing the issues. Most of the time it will be the audience, community, and investors who will be deciding what’s worth what. And yes, you can play the game for free! There are going to be “less exciting dinos” that are not going to be part of the blockchain, so you can enjoy the game without putting any money in.

Could you explain to us how the breeding system of the dinos elmacaco#6390

Every dino can be bred only once and it will be a feature that will cost the player some value. This way we want to differentiate the value of the dino which is still breed-able or the dino which is already bred. Breeding will be based on what we call a “breeding table”. There will be a table explaining which dino with which dino can breed together. The content of this table will be decided by community voting and by the governing feature of staking.

Will dinos have different rarities? (legendary, rare, common, etc.) Will eggs have different rarities too?

Dinos, yes! Eggs, no. The eggs hold visual features of the dino that’s inside. So, you know what color pallet it will have or if it’s dino with stripes or dots, etcetera; however, you won’t know what type of dinosaur is in the egg until you decide to hatch it.

With regards to multiplayer battles, will players be limited with a certain amount of energy? Can that energy be replenished doing missions?

It’s not just multiplayer, but the whole game will have a small brake system. The player will not be able to exploit the “play-to-earn” model. These features and systems will be explained before the launch.

Will DNXC be essential to playing DinoX? And for the Q4 release with the full launch of the game; will the game be available to play on the App Store or will it be an exclusive web only game? Thank you and greeting from Australia! HODL4LYF#1608

It won’t be necessary, but without DNXC the game would become less of “play-to-earn” and more of a “just-play-for-free” type of game. For Q4 we are looking for steam first and then we are looking to the app stores. We are designing and preparing the game with handheld devices in mind, both performance-wise and UI/UX-wise.

My question is: most projects die after the initial hype, are there any other features (besides the features mentioned in the white paper) that are planned to be released that can serve as a type of “backup/revival” in case the hype settles? In other words, do you guys have a plan in place to keep the game alive (pun intended)? Reinhardt Engelbrecht#9606

We are planning the game content. We want to and we will be releasing generations of dinos, new types of enemies, new action cards, new vanity items, and even in-game events with quests or missions. There will always be something new for you to explore when you get into the game. I think this is the best way of doing it. We call it “a game as a service”.

Greetings DinoX team, do you see this as just a platform for gaming and ROI investment or also to bring education on Dinosaurs? Any plans on partnership in the future with museums or clubs? It may attract dino enthusiasts into the community who are not exposed to the crypto world yet. Atth#7464

This is a good question, but I must admit we haven’t thought about it yet. It’s for sure something we will discuss when we will be less busy with preparing the game and all the features of the DinoX.

Besides the dinosaurs that lived a long time ago, are you going to make new ones that DinoX weren’t in the world? I am curious about this. It would be fun and interesting if we could make a new dinosaur that never existed before. 이한빈#5737

Yes! The first generation of dinosaurs will contain accurate genetic code. For example, the color patterns and physical features such as actual size, scales, feathers, spikes, and more, are described in the backstory of each dino NFT and are accurately depicted just as they would be if the real dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth today. In later generations, hybrids will become available as people start breeding their dinosaurs. Each time you breed a dinosaur, there is a chance that the baby can have genetic traits of either dinosaur parent. This will allow for new dinosaurs that have never existed before!

How will a fixed number of NFTs accommodate an expanding community?palcrash#1716

We won’t have a fixed number of NFT’s. We are going to have generations of fixed numbers + an option to breed them. We created a generator of dinos, so we can have them prepared quickly.

Thank you again everyone who was able to attend! Keep the questions coming, they will be answered in the discord chat HERE. Stay tuned for more awesome events, we have a lot coming!

About DinoX

DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs. Players build dino kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

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