Upcoming DinoX Land Sale Details

Ready to own a piece of DINOX World? Now you can! Our upcoming Land Sales are happening sooner than you think! Here’s a recap of how it’s going down!

Gamestarter INO

First up is the Gamestarter INO (Initial NFT Offering) starting on Dec. 14th @ 2 PM UTC. We will be allocating 10% of the total land to this sale hosted on Gamestarter. (10% of 16,000 = 1,600 pieces of land up for grabs!) This INO will feature Common, Uncommon, and Rare type DinoX Land pieces.

Check Gamestarter’s Twitter post or their Telegram announcement for more information and how to participate in their sale!

DinoX Land Staking Pool

Next, we’ll have our own lottery-style staking pool where you can have a chance to win DinoX Land pieces of ALL RARITIES! We are allocating 1% of the total land to this pool (1% of 16,000 = 160 pieces of land). With all the rarities in this lottery, some lucky few are going to be very pleased since the winners get the lands for FREE!

The lottery pool will open on Dec. 18th with a 48-hour window to join. No cap on the amount of $DNXC you can stake in the lottery and every 100 DNXC staked gets 1 chance to win! Staking pool funds will be locked for 3 weeks with the winners being announced shortly afterward. Stay tuned for the official start time announcement and be ready to enter!


Rare, Legendary, and Mythic Lands

For all of our $DNXC HODLers, this is your chance to get rewarded by just holding our token! We are introducing a wallet snapshot system, where holding your $DNXC in any decentralized wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.) in certain amounts, as outlined below, or holding in any of the staking pools on our Portal, will result in getting the first crack at purchasing DinoX Lands when they drop on our marketplace!

Example: Joe holds 500 DNXC in his Metamask wallet, 1000 DNXC in the DinoX Lottery Tickets staking pool, and 500 DNXC in the Gen 1 staking pool. These amounts all combine for 2000 DNXC and are counted as such in the snapshot! Also, it doesn’t matter which chain your DNXC are in (ETH, BSC, Polygon, or any combination of the three), they all pool together as long as they are from the same wallet address!

Hodl-to-buy will consist of 4 snapshots, one each week, from Monday, Dec. 20th to Jan 10th. You must have at least the minimum DNXC threshold of 500 DNXC in your wallet through ALL 4 of the snapshots to qualify!

We will take the average of the 4 snapshots to calculate which rarity you qualify to purchase. That means you can move to a different rarity tier by increasing (or decreasing) your DNXC holdings throughout the snapshot period. Just don’t go below 500 DNXC or you’ll be disqualified!

The Hodl-to-buy snapshots are specifically for Rare, Legendary, and Mythical lands. Common and Uncommon lands can be purchased without participating in the hodler snapshots. Here’s a breakdown:

Rare 2x2must hold an average of between 500–999 DNXC from all 4 snapshots

Rare 3x3 must hold an average of between 1000–2499 DNXC from all 4 snapshots

Legendary 3x3 must hold an average of 2500–4999 DNXC from all 4 snapshots

Legendary 4x4must hold an average of 5000–9999 DNXC from all 4 snapshots

Mythical 4x4must hold an average of 10000+ DNXC from all 4 snapshots

When DinoX Lands become available on our marketplace, only those who successfully met the thresholds through each snapshot will get the chance to purchase them! Qualifying for a rarity allows you to buy that rarity or anything lower as well. A wallet address can only participate in the sale once, and it’ll be on a first come first serve basis.

There are purchase limits for each wallet address in order to eliminate some whales buying up all the land pieces at once! A single wallet can only have 1 transaction. In that transaction, they can purchase only one land rarity. Here are the quantities someone can purchase broken down by rarity type:

Common up to 10 lands per one transaction

Uncommon up to 5 lands per one transaction

Rare up to 2 lands per one transaction

Legendary only 1 land per one transaction

Mythic only 1 land per one transaction


After the HODL-to-Buy snapshot period has ended, we will introduce yet another awesome HODLer benefit! In HODL-to-Render, holders of DNXC for a specified length of time will be airdropped random NFTs in the form of Action Cards, in-game Resources, or maybe even DNX eggs!

Much more on this will be released later, but as you can see, it pays to HODL your $DNXC!

There are some really cool options for DNXC holders to either try their luck at winning free pieces of DinoX Land through our staking pool or HODL your DNXC for the rights to purchase Rare, Legendary, and Mythic Lands in our marketplace! Stay tuned for more announcements as we are working with some other platforms on additional DinoX Land offerings as well!

Follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Telegram & Discord to stay up-to-date with all things DinoX!

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