Update v1.2.3: New Challenges!

4 min readNov 25, 2022

DinoX Fam, we’ve just released another patch update for DINOX World Beta! In the new version, v1.2.3, we have added some cool new enemies and features and laid the groundwork for future updates as well. Let’s dive into the details of this update and explore what new challenges players will find.

The Key to Open New Battlegrounds

In this update, we’re introducing Keys & Key Shards. Keys are in-game items earned by defeating opponents in Ancient Enemies that are used to unlock 3 new battlegrounds. Key Shards are small pieces of Keys that must be forged together to make a full Key. Key Shards are universal, meaning the player can choose which type of Key they want to make from their Shards, however, this requires the Blacksmith Building which will be available in the following patch.

There are 3 types of keys:
Lava Mountains Key = unlocks the Lava Mountains battleground
Green Pastures Key = unlocks the Green Pastures battleground
Flying Hills Key = unlocks the Flying Hills battleground

In order to unlock a new battleground, players will need to accumulate 20 keys of the same type. These keys start to be awarded after certain thresholds: Defeat 100 battles in Ancient Enemies to earn the first Lava Mountain Key, 250 battles for the first Green Pastures Key, and 350 battles for the first Flying Hills Key. Players will then periodically earn more of these keys and key shards as they progress further in Ancient Enemies.

Non-dinosaur enemies have infiltrated DINOX World! Each new battleground will contain 500 battles against a range of new enemies and very challenging bosses! Pay attention to your dino team composition because each battleground focuses on a different class type!
Lava Mountains = all enemies are Carnivore class type
Green Pastures = all enemies are Herbivore class type
Flying Hills = all enemies are Flying class type.


But that’s not all, the new battlegrounds will have a checkpoint mechanic. These checkpoints are your savior for progression through the battles! Players will receive one automatic checkpoint for unlocking the new battleground. Then, subsequent checkpoints are awarded for every 5th battle won (battle #5, #10, #15, etc.). If a player is defeated by an enemy, their progress will fall back to the last received checkpoint. Checkpoints can only be used once.

Example: Let’s say a player is playing Lava Mountains and is defeated for the first time by battle #13. That player received a previous checkpoint after defeating battle #10, so they would then drop back to battle #11. The same player must get to and defeat battle #15 for the next checkpoint. If they are defeated before that, they’ll fall back to the previous unused checkpoint which they got by defeating battle #5.

An important thing to note here is that a player can fall completely out of the new battleground if they have no checkpoints remaining and they lose a battle. An example of this would be if a player is defeated in battle #3, they will go back to the automatic checkpoint they received from unlocking the battleground and they would start at battle #1. Then, if they are defeated again before reaching the checkpoint at battle #5, they have no checkpoints left to catch them so they’ll fall completely out of the Battleground and will need to use 20 more keys to unlock it again!

As this is just the first implementation of the checkpoint system, right now a player can only gain checkpoints by defeating enemies. However, in future releases, we will incorporate more ways to get checkpoints so that players can further protect their progress!

Also, replayed battles will only give Ancient Spice as a reward. Players will need to get past their previous highest battle in order to earn bigger and better rewards!

New Rewards!

Speaking of rewards, we’ve got some awesome new ones for defeating foes in both Ancient Enemies and in these new territories in this update. Have you found it difficult to beat harder opponents and been praying for stronger dinos to help you defeat them? Well, your prayers have been answered! Now you can earn new & stronger starter dinos as rewards for defeating enemies!

In addition, players can get a variety of different starter Avatar skins as well! The aforementioned Keys & Key Shards are all part of the new rewards that can now be obtained too! So don’t hesitate, download and play the newest version of DINOX World Beta right now at https://dinox.io/world

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