What to do with DINOX World Lands

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We’ve shared a lot of information about DINOX World Lands recently, but what can you do with them right away? Let’s explore how you can exchange your Land Tickets for actual DINOX World Lands, what you can build on them, and how they can benefit Land Owners!

How to get DINOX World Lands?

Thus far, we’ve had a few very successful Land Sales already under our belts. Gamestarter, NFTb, TrustPad, and NFTPad all sold out of DinoX Rare, Legendary, and Mythic Land Tickets in under 10 minutes!

We’ve got a few more Land Sales in the works that will be announced shortly and we’re gearing up for the largest Land Sale yet on our own Web in the very near future! All of you HODL-to-Buy participants will get your shot at Rare and higher rarity lands when we host our sale! Stay tuned for those announcements and be ready, Lands sell out fast, especially the higher rarities that are gone in mere seconds!

What can I do with DINOX World Land Tickets?

For those of you who were fast to pull the trigger and already got your hands on some Land Tickets from our previous sales or if you plan to participate in our upcoming Land sales, listen up! Here we will outline what you can do with your Land Tickets in the near future as well as our longer-term plans for Lands in DINOX World!

DINOX World Map

In the very near future, will be releasing one of the highest anticipated features of our game — the DINOX World Map! This is where Land Ticket holders exchange their tickets for actual plots of land in DINOX World! Land owners will be able to choose on the map where they want to put down their roots and build their Dino Kingdoms!

The Map itself is a diverse landscape with various regions and islands. Land variations differ mostly by the rarity of the Land and not significantly by the region you choose. The higher the rarity, the better perks (like resource multiplier), and the more buildings you can construct on your property.

At the very beginning, the World Map will not be integrated directly into the game, however, all Resources and rewards obtained from Land Owners will show in the game as they will be delivered to the Land Owner’s wallet address. Later, once we launch the Adventure Mode — the World Map will be merged into DINOX World and everything will be in one place as we expand the Dinoverse!

Buildings & Tournaments on DINOX World Lands

Shortly after we first roll out the DINOX World Map, Land owners will be able to use Building Bots to construct the first buildings — Resource Factories. Depending on the rarity of your Land, you might have an advantage to mine Resources faster due to your Land’s multiplier, as mentioned previously.

Later, we will introduce more structures such as a Tournament building that allows Land owners to organize & host their own PvP Tournaments and earn fees for organizing the matches in $DNXC! Later on, there will also be an Incubator building which has the potential to allow a dino to breed. There will be many additional buildings one can construct to fill out your Dino Kingdom!

Looking ahead to the future, we see the DINOX World Map as an entire Dinoverse (DinoX Metaverse) with socialization features, Land customizations, visitation of other user’s Lands, NFT displays (Dino museums of sorts, to display all your cool Dinos!) within DinoX and beyond, and much more.

There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to DINOX World Lands! We will have more information about when we’ll host our own Land Sale and when we’ll reveal the DINOX World Map coming soon!

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