DinoX Development Update (Early June)

5 min readJun 3, 2022


Welcome to the Early June Development Update. Things are ramping up here a DinoX HQ! We’re working on various improvements for DINOX World that will make gameplay smoother and more fun as well as some design upgrades that will have players begging for more! Let’s have a run-through of what we’re working on now and how it’ll change the game in the near future.

Kicking it off first, we’ll take a look at multiple improvements coming to the Encounters gameplay mode, especially on the battlefield.

Turn-Based Gameplay

We’re gallantly making strides in balancing and adjusting the game mechanics of the Encounters. Soon, players will notice a more turn-based style of gameplay where instead of their dino and the opponent’s dino attacking at the same time, they will attack separately. Which dino attacks first is dependent upon the initial coin toss at the start of the battle.

Therefore, the coin toss will now determine 2 things: 1) Who gets to spawn their dino first in that lane. 2) Which dino will attack first in the first round of the battle. So, if a player wins the coin toss for a lane, then they get to spawn their dino first & that dino will attack first as well in the first round once the combat begins.

The first attacker will then switch off back and forth for each subsequent round. Meaning that, in this example, in round one the player attacked first in this lane, then round two would have the opponent attack first, then round three would have the player attack first again, and so on until the battle is finished. There are of course 3 different coin tosses (one for each lane), so there is room for a lot of variation in how the combat will play out.

Also, once we roll out these features, players will have 2 actions per turn instead of 1! So you’ll be able to swap out 2 dinos in the same turn, or spawn one in an open spot & swap out another dino, making it more fun and more challenging since your opponent will be able to take 2 actions per turn as well. This feature will come in handy when Avatars are introduced since using an Avatar ability will count as an action too.

Action Cards

Another adjustment in an upcoming release aims to slightly adjust how Action Cards are used in the game to add more strategery. There will be a gradual unlocking of the Action Cards for each dino, where every round they are on the battlefield will unlock a new column of Action Cards. Players should think about their dinos Action Cards slots (both static & dynamic) in columns and the left column would be the first to unlock.

When a dino is spawned on the battlefield, it will unlock the first column of Action Cards. If it survives until the second round, then the second column of Action Cards are unlocked. Each round that a dino is on the battlefield will unlock an additional column of Action Cards. Of course, not all dinos have Action Cards in every column, especially lower rarity dinos, so many of them might have their only Action Cards already available in the first couple of rounds!

Unlocking the Action Cards in this way will allow players to devise new strategies for not only which action cards to equip to their dinos but also the order in which they place them. Players will have to think about how each card affects their individual dino as well as their entire team and decide what is their optimal lineup to defeat their enemies!

Visual Improvements

DINOX World is getting some cool new visual upgrades as well! Firstly, we’ve redesigned the dino health bars and overall stats to better display all the information available. Also, the Robot “referee” (as we call it) will help exhibit some additional battle-related details such as how many actions a player has left in their turn. Also, this little robot has some emotional attachment to a player’s dinos, so there could be some heart-felt animations during the battle to look for!

On the battlefield itself, when a dino takes damage, heals, or shields itself there will be some new small animations that take place. For example, if a dino gets a healing buff it’ll glow green or when it takes damage it’ll briefly turn red. Also, when you spawn a dino or when your dino is defeated in battle there will be a new animation!

Some additional visual enhancements that are coming soon include camera shake improvements, new sound effects & current sound effect refinement, and a new look for the dino cards. These are a few small adjustments for now, but soon there will be cool particle animations on top and, of course, full animations are in the works for the near future as well.

DinoX Ecosystem

In regards to non-game-related updates, we’ve got quite a few things in the works! As many of our DinoX Fam may have seen, we’ve been talking in some detail about Avatars recently (catch the latest in our The Future of Avatars article). This is because we’re almost ready for our Avatar Capsule Opening Event and their initial implementation into DINOX World! First, they will be solely a visual representation on the battlefield, then they’ll gain their abilities adding yet another layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Also, the DINOX World Map is being designed as we speak. This elaborate and detailed map will showcase the layout of DINOX World. In the near future, owners of DinoX Land Tickets will be able to claim their pieces of land on the map itself. Stay tuned for a more detailed timeline of these events and more information about the World Map.

The DinoX Marketplace is getting an overhaul and soon you’ll be able to buy and sell your DNX Dinosaurs, Action Cards, Booster & Card Packs, Lottery Tickets, and more on our own marketplace. All transactions will utilize $DNXC, giving more usability to our token. More on this will be announced as we get closer to the final stage of its development.

Adventure Mode development is burgeoning right now and we’re getting pretty excited about the results so far. We can’t wait to show you some sneak peeks coming in the following month or two! Stay tuned for those!

Lastly, we will gradually be migrating our team updates & important communications from Telegram over to our Discord channel. That doesn’t mean we will abandon TG, but it does mean that Discord will be getting a little more love. So make sure to join our Discord channel to stay fully up to date on all things DinoX. We’ll be having a live AMA there in the following weeks as well.

That’s it for another DinoX development update! Hope you enjoyed learning more about all the interworkings of the team and are looking forward to the future as much as we are!

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