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Have you ever wanted to own your very own dinosaur? If your childhood was anything like ours, the answer is YES! DinoX gives you this unique opportunity in the form of dinosaur NFTs — collectible, pixel-style dino eggs that hatch into dinos that you can customize, breed, level up, and battle with in our game DINOX World.

Yep, you read that right, these dino NFTs are actually playable in a game! But wait, there’s more! Here we’ll highlight the top reasons to go out and grab yourself your very own dinosaur!

Reasons to grab your own DinoX Dinosaur

  • Limited quantity & unique

Each generation has a very limited number of dinos. Generation 0 has only 9,000 dinos in total while Generation 1 will have 12,000 dinos. Future generations will continue to have limited quantities as well, but you gotta wait for the official announcement of each generation to find out how many.

Each and every dino is unique! With a variety of different species, colors, and patterns, no two dinos look the same. Uniqueness isn’t just about appearance in DinoX. Each dino has randomized stats (think HP, DMG, Crit/Dodge chance) used in DINOX World. The rarity and generation of the dinos play a big role here as the rarer your dino is, the stronger it’ll be and the earlier generation your dino is, the stronger they are as well.

On top of stats, dinos also have various skills & action card slots that are used for battles. The number of skills and action card slots depends on the rarity of your dino. “Mythic” dinos are the rarest with the most skills and card slots, and “Common” dinos are the least rare with the least amount of skills and action card slots. You can see all about the rarity and how it works in DINOX Word here.

  • They’re the key to DINOX World

DINOX World is a play-to-earn game, meaning you can earn valuable rewards in the form of NFTs (DNXI tokens) as well as our currency DNXC just by playing the game. It’s free to play for everyone and even those who don’t have their own dinos can earn rewards since there are free-to-use, non-blockchain dinos available as well. However, playing with your own dino makes the ROI and chances of getting something valuable much greater.

DinoX Gen 1 Dinosaur

Having just one dino will boost all the play-to-earn aspects of DINOX World, but of course, you can play with more as well. Some of the rewards that players can receive include action cards and in-game resources, as well as DNXC and even dino eggs (very rare!) to hatch their own dinos. The play to earn benefits will begin with the Beta launch of DINOX World!

  • Customize, breed, level up & battle with your own dinosaurs

In the game, you’ll be able to do quite a lot with your dinosaurs to make them stronger and more combat efficient. You can customize your dinos by adding special attacks and abilities via dynamic action cards. Later on, we will add options for further customizations so stay tuned for more information about that!

Breeding is something that we can’t wait to introduce. There will be a full article on this, but the main idea is that the dinos in each generation are limited so the only way to create more is through breeding. Like in real life, each dino needs a partner to breed with, but the pair can only produce one offspring so once you’ve bred a dino you can’t breed it again. This keeps the supply relatively low and makes dinos that haven’t bred yet potentially valuable for traders. That’s all we’ll touch on about breeding for now.

While playing DINOX World, you’ll be able to earn resources that allow you to level up your dinos making them stronger. Milestones, accomplishments, checkpoints, and battle victories all contribute to a player’s ascension in the game. In general, the stronger your dino is, the faster you can progress through the game and earn more rewards so leveling up your dinos definitely has its advantages.

DINOX World Battle Illustration

Pitting your dinos in battles against AI opponents or other players is one of the primary actions of the game. All battle types, whether it’s PvP tournaments, friendly battles against your friends, or completing battle quests in the game, will return rewards which then can be used for further upgrading and customizing of your dinos.

  • Scholarship system and passive income

In the Beta release of DINOX World, we will introduce the scholarship system which entails renting out your dino to other players for a small fee. As battles get progressively more difficult, it can be beneficial for players to rent a stronger dino and power through the tough enemies. Essentially, you can earn passive income by renting out your dinos and have a humble feeling from allowing other players to boost their in-game rewards as well! It’s a win-win!

  • The more powerful your dinos are, the more profits the players have

Generally, it will be easier for players with stronger dinos to reach the stages of the game where they will gain profit. Although, players will still need to strategize and optimize their resources to maximize profit. Strategy is a big part of DINOX World, so a good player who understands the dynamics of the game and quickly adapts their technique to defeat their enemies will ultimately earn high rewards.

There you have it, the top reasons to go out and get yourself your very own NFT dinosaur! But where can you get them? We have our own DinoX Marketplace, currently selling Gen 0 dino eggs, action card packs, and more items to be released soon. Or you can buy the eggs and dinos from other users on OpenSea, but be sure they originated from our Official Account. There are a lot of scammers out there so be vigilant!

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