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DinoX Item Usecases

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In this article, we’ll explore DNXI items. What they are, why they’re important, how they’re used in DINOX World, and how you can get your hands on them will all be explained here! Let’s not waste any time and dive right in.

  • What is DNXI?

DNXI are layer 2 NFTs on Polygon Network, consisting of primarily in-game assets such as Action Cards and Resource Cards. Also, the lottery tickets earned from staking in the various staking pools on our Portal are DNXI tokens. Since they’re NFTs, they can be bought and sold on OpenSea — the most popular NFT marketplace — and purchased on our own Marketplace with DNXC currency. Additional marketplace options will be coming soon as well as peer-to-peer exchange features enabled on our own Marketplace.

  • Why are they important?

The DNXI items serve as one of the main rewards for playing DINOX World. Winning battles, accomplishing achievements, reaching checkpoints, and many other tasks will result in the player receiving various DNXI rewards, usually in the form of Action Cards & Resource Cards.

These cards are the building blocks of DINOX World and help make your dinos stronger, allowing you to progress quicker through the game and in turn earn even more rewards! They’re also the key to improving a player’s dino kingdom, upgrading structures, adding new buildings, and much more.

  • What are Action Cards?

As one of the essential components of DINOX World, Action Cards are the abilities your dinos use to attack, defend, heal, and more during combat. Players can select and assign these cards to their dinos via their dynamic card slots, creating vast strategies for how to win battles. You can design your own playstyle based on which cards you use and find the perfect game plan to beat your opponents.

DINOX World Action Cards

Dinos also have Skills — randomly assigned and fixed action cards that players can’t adjust. Skills are assigned to the dinos once theyhatch from the egg. The number of Skills and Action Card slots depends on the rarity of the dino. The more rare, the higher the chance for more of both. Don’t worry tho, all dinos have at least one dynamic Action Card slot with the chance for more and a chance for skills too.

  • What are Resource Cards?

Resource Cards are another essential component of DINOX World. They allow you to perform actions like leveling up your dinos, replenishing your energy so you can continue battling, and even constructing new buildings or upgrading existing ones in your dino kingdom. All are actions that help players progress faster in the game giving greater potential for higher earnings and rewards.

DINOX World Resource Cards

There are 3 main Resource Cards — Dino Snacks, Building Bots, and Liberation Crystals — each of them serving specific purposes. While some Resource Cards have additional uses, the quick breakdown is as follows:
Dino Snacks replenish your energy which is used in dino battles.
Building Bots allow you to construct buildings in your dino kingdom.
Liberation Crystals are used in upgrading and breeding your dinos.

Players will have the opportunity to select a preferred type of resource which ensures their in-game rewards include more of that type. Players can adjust their gameplay strategy depending on which resource they specialize in. Resource Cards are also tradeable, so you can sell your surplus resources and buy the resources you are in need of. A balance of all resources gives players a well-rounded base for playing DINOX World, but with the ability to customize their playstyle, the possibilities are endless.

  • What are Lottery Tickets?

Outside of DINOX World, we have a specific type of DNXI in the form of Lottery Tickets. These are generally awarded to stakers in many of the staking pools on our Portal, including a separate pool solely for Lottery Tickets. As one may guess, Lottery Tickets are used in the DinoX Lottery where participants can win great prizes like Gen 0 & Gen 1 eggs, Booster Packs, Card Packs, and occasionally specialty items as well.

The lottery draw happens every two weeks (unless otherwise announced) and utilizes ​​Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to select the winning tickets. One ticket can even win multiple prizes, so the more tickets you submit to the lottery the higher chances you have of winning! You can enter our lottery staking pool to earn tickets or even purchase them from other sellers on OpenSea.

If you have also read our other article explaining the Dinosaur Usecases, then you now have a good overview of both the main assets (DNX & DNXI) of DINOX World and the DinoX ecosystem as a whole!

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