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3 min readJun 17, 2022


BIG things are happening in June & July for DinoX! We’re finalizing a few aspects in regard to the release of the highly-anticipated DINOX World Map — where users will be able to claim their DinoX Lands — and are targeting to launch it in just a few weeks! Shortly after, we’re going to release our DinoX P2P Marketplace for users to buy and sell their DinoX NFTs right from our website portal! Let’s explore both of these events a little deeper.

Lands & World Map

The groundwork for the DINOX World Map has been laid and now we’re diving into the graphics and design aspects. In the next few weeks, the visualization will come to life and we’re pretty excited about how it will look!

The World Map will be interactive with the ability for users to zoom in and out to view various plots of land and regions of the terrain. They can filter the map by categories such as size (1x1, 2x2, etc.), rarity, and by either claimed or unclaimed Lands, giving the user the best chance to decide where they’ll claim and build their personal territory!

Land Ticket owners will be able to redeem their tickets for pieces of Land directly on the World Map. Each plot of land has an easily identifiable rarity designated to it. By scrolling around the World Map, ticket owners can select plots of the same rarity as their Land Tickets and claim them for their own!

Initially, the Lands will have light functionality with more being implemented as we go along. Owners will be able to construct buildings that generate resources as well as a few other options. Learn more about Lands and their functionality in our previous article.


The DinoX Shop is getting a massive upgrade! In just a few weeks' time, it’ll become a P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace where people can buy and sell their DinoX NFTs straight from our website portal.

DinoX dinosaurs, dino eggs, card packs, individual action cards, land tickets, and even Avatars will be available in the new marketplace. Sellers will set their price in DNXC and all transactions are cross-chain compatible, so no matter which network you hold your tokens, you’ll be able to purchase your favorite NFTs. Just remember to have some of the network currency in your wallet for the standard transaction fees.

Within the marketplace, you’ll be able to view all of the important information and stats about the dinosaurs for sale. This includes some information not available on OpenSea such as the dino’s level if they’ve been upgraded or which static cards they hold. Later on, we even plan to implement an auction system so that buyers can set the price they’re willing to pay.

That just about wraps up this update and as you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks for DinoX! Remember, Avatars are launching even sooner than both the World Map and the Marketplace, so keep your eyes out for those! We’re getting pretty excited to release those bad boys soon! Some more info about Avatars can be found in this article: The Future of DinoX Avatars.

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